Four Pillars wins global environmental award

The International Wine and Spirits Competition has awarded Four Pillars its inaugural “Green Spirit Initiative” environmental award, created to recognise considerate distillation and spirit production practices underway across the globe.

The world’s biggest spirits awards bestowed its inaugural Green Spirit Initiative Award at a gala ceremony in London.

The Four Pillars distillery in Healesville was awarded the prize as a result of concerted efforts over recent years, and particularly with the construction of the newly-expanded distillery ‘Healesville 2.0’, to minimise waste, save energy, and tread more lightly on the planet.

IWSC said: “Our judges agreed it was Four Pillars Gin who was the worthy winner of the 2022 Green Spirit Initiative Trophy. A holistic approach has been taken by Four Pillars to its environmentally considerate production practices. Though Four Pillars accounts for a whopping 40% of Australia’s gin output, it takes its responsibilities incredibly seriously, acting as a knowledge bank for upcoming distillers and sharing its experience to create a more sustainable industry.”

In March 2022, Four Pillars became Australia’s first certified Carbon Neutral gin distilling business with both the new distillery itself and all the gins bottled on the premises, certified Carbon Neutral.

The trophy was accepted by Four Pillars Co-Founder and Distiller Cameron Mackenzie and Four Pillars Operations Director Michelle Hall at the gala awards night in London.

“This is a huge day for Four Pillars, and in so many ways one of the proudest days in our short history,” Mackenzie said.

“When we started making gin in 2013 we always wanted to be as sustainable as we could but distilling uses a lot of energy, glass and waste, we recognise that.

“But over the past three years and most particularly with the brilliant work from Michelle with help from the sustainability team at Lion, our incredible architects Breathe, and just sheer inventiveness and willpower, we have arrived here.

“In many ways we want this to be an award not just for us but for the whole of Australian distilling. If we have the desire, resourcefulness and belief we can become a really responsible and environmentally friendly industry that also happens to make the world’s best drinks.

“I would also like to give a shout out to the other five finalists all with brilliant initiatives.”

Healesville 2.0, has been built with some of the most progressive sustainable initiatives imaginable – from radical cooling veils, to pineapple leather, solar and a massive reduction in glass wastage.

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