Worksmith prepares to pour one million summer cocktails

Hospitality group Worksmith predicts it will pour more than one million cocktails at pubs, bars, restaurants, cinemas, and amusement parks over summer.

The Melbourne-based incubator has been supporting some of Australia’s biggest multi-venue hospitality businesses to execute high-quality cocktails at scale since launching its Home Grown and Whitelabel ready-to serve cocktails during the pandemic.

Customers include Australian hospitality heavyweights Momento Hospitality Group and Village Cinemas are using Worksmith to deliver high quality cocktails faster, via 750ml bottles, 10L and 30L formats.

Smaller operations, such as Three Blue Duck venues across Victoria, will also start pouring end of the month, joining bars and pubs including Hazel, Stomping Ground, Yarra Botanica and Caretaker’s Cottage.

The group is looking at expanding its footprint to Sydney, Brisbane and beyond in the coming months.

Worksmith is the brainchild of long-time friends Michael Bascetta, one of Australia’s leading food and beverage curators (Bar Liberty, Capitano, Falco Bakery) and property developer Roscoe Power. The young gun co-founders first opened Worksmith early in 2018 after identifying the need to support, connect and promote food and beverage businesses and their

Co-Founder, Roscoe Power, said: “We were hearing a lot from non-traditional cocktail venues that they didn’t have the resources to serve the high-quality cocktails that their customers were demanding.

“We saw a great opportunity to create a solutions-based product, and Worksmith’s pre-batched cocktail business was born. The fact our service also includes training for staff is particularly desirable.

“By partnering with some of Australia’s best beverage brands, we’ve also created an exceptional premium product in a white space market. The opportunity for growth and development in that is huge.

In the past five years the Worksmith team has also brought to life the Melbourne Cocktail Festival, Stella Coffee (and soon to be released Stella Espresso Martini), Tip Jar Fund (which raised over $75,000 for hospitality workers during COVID-19).

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