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Tincup Mountain Whiskey lands in Australia

The iconic American Tincup Mountain Whiskey has hit the shelves in Australia. Inspired by the Rocky Mountains, the whiskey is named to honour Colorado mining pioneers and the tin cups from which they drank.

Tincup Mountain Whiskey is a blend of two American whiskeys; high rye bourbon, distilled and aged in Indiana, and Colorado single malt whiskey. Once blended, Tincup Whiskey is cut with Rocky Mountain water and aged for a minimum of four years in American white oak barrels with number three charred oak barrels to create smooth and bold flavours of rye spice, cinnamon and caramel and aroma notes of citrus, pepper and ginger.

Founder Jesse Graber said: “I’ve been distilling since 1972 and made Tincup as a nod to Colorado’s first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from. We know Australia is full of adventure and outdoor lovers who not only love whiskey but will love the tin cup lid design that makes this whiskey a fan favourite across America.

“I wanted to create an authentic American whiskey that combines the best Midwestern grains with Colorado’s incomparable pure water. Given its high rye content, Tincup appeals to whiskey drinkers who want a bolder, spicier taste.

Proximo Spirits Whiskey Specialist Hayley Dixon said: “It’s a great sipping whiskey, neat or with a few ice cubes, and also makes a good base for classic cocktails like the Manhattan and the Old Fashioned.”

“Heading into the warmer months, we wanted to keep things fresh and bold, so we’ve developed some fresh takes on classic cocktails, from a Tincup Buck to a Passionfruit Highball, to pair with your Aussie summer adventures – whether it’s a camping trip, after a spot of fishing or on the balcony overlooking the surf on a summer holiday.” 

Passionfruit Highball

  • 30ml TINCUP Original whiskey
  • 20ml Fino Sherry
  • 20ml passionfruit pulp or 1/2 a fresh passionfruit
  • 15ml lemon
  • 15ml simple syrup
  • 90ml light tonic
  • Garnish lemon wedge

Method: Add all ingredients minus tonic to a cocktail shaker with ice. Hard shake for 10 seconds. Double strain into a highball glass over ice. Top with tonic.

Tincup Whiskey is available for $65 from Dan Murphy’s stores and online nationwide.

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