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Higher ABV White Claw Surge hits shelves

The world’s biggest-selling alcoholic seltzer brand, White Claw, has chosen Australia as the first country outside North America to launch its White Claw Surge range.

Available in two flavours – zesty Blood Orange and Blackberry – the new RTD delivers a 6.5% ABV per 330ml can. The beverage contains sparkling water, alcohol and a hint of natural fruit flavour. Like classic White Claw it features natural flavours, low carbs (2g), no artificial sweeteners and is naturally gluten-free.

Mark Anthony Brands International developed White Claw in 2016 and it arrived in Australia in 2020.

Mark Anthony Brands International President Scott Walton said: “We are excited to extend the White Claw range in Australia. When we first launched here in October 2020, we sold one million cans in the first week! The Hard Seltzer category is now worth $210million in Australia and growing 188% year on year, with White Claw being the number one contributor to value growth last summer.

“We’re thrilled to offer Aussies even more from this brand. Living a more conscious lifestyle, whilst at the same time enjoying life to the fullest is what has inspired White Claw, and we see this as a growing trend in Australia too.

“Globally, there has been an overwhelmingly positive response to White Claw Surge, which is worth over $70 million in the United States. As the global leader in the hard seltzer category, I am confident we will see similar success here in Australia with these two delicious flavours, Blood Orange and Blackberry.”

The new addition to the White Claw range will be available nationwide from 14 November 2022 at Aussie bottle stores and bars at a RRP of $30 for a 4 pack.

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