Sip Australia’s most lavish Old Fashioned

Two of Australia’s leading bars have partnered to serve the country’s most expensive cocktail during Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week.

Mixologists from Sydney’s Dean and Nancy on 22 and Melbourne’s Sky Bar will be serving the Woodford Reserve Gold Fashioned, which comes with a $15,000 price tag.

The Woodford Reserve Gold Fashioned is the world’s second most expensive, second only to the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo’s Diamonds Are Forever Martini priced at $19,000 USD.

Crafted by two of Australia’s leading bartenders and mixologists, the luxury libation features Woodford’s premium luxury XO Cognac finished Baccarat Edition, paired with a gold-infused Chateau d’Yquem reduction, handmade saffron and vanilla bitters and specially-engraved ice, served in a hand-cut French crystal Baccarat tumbler.

Stefano Filardi, leading bartender and venue manager at Sydney’s Dean and Nancy on 22 said: “After years of lockdowns and missing out, we’re finding that our guests are eager to splurge, particularly if it’s for an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

“We were already celebrating Old Fashioned Week, but wanted to take it even further. So, we took some of the world’s finest ingredients, including a luxurious bourbon like Woodford Reserve and added touches of decadence, including a handmade saffron and vanilla bitters and even a gold-infused Chateau d’Yquem reduction to create a cocktail experience that’s never been seen or done before.

“Here at Dean & Nancy on 22 we really believe in bringing an experience to every one of our guests, that’s why we agreed on such a unique opportunity to showcase what we do every day and partner on such an exciting collaboration. We know the price tag is big, but we think every dollar is worth the Woodford Gold Fashioned. And for everyone else looking to enjoy a bit of luxury without the investment, we have a list of cocktails and exciting things on offer during Old Fashioned Week that won’t cost an arm and a leg.”

Patrons who purchase the cocktail on premise will also receive a luxurious cocktail kit, to recreate the experience of a luxury Old Fashioned at home. Elevating the humble home bar set up, the kit includes a pair of Baccarat hand-cut French crystal tumblers and a bottle of Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition priced at $3000.

As the Daily Telegraph notes: “All up, up to 80ml of the cocktail costs around the same amount as a Mitsubishi Mirage car.”

Tasting the Gold Fashioned at Dean and Nancy on 22

Dean and Nancy on 22 is a very special venue before you add a $15,000 cocktail to the equation.

Drinks Digest were lucky enough to try Australia’s most expensive cocktail this week and we can confirm its a spectacular experience.

When you combine the exemplary bar work at Dean and Nancy with Woodford’s premium luxury XO Cognac finished Baccarat Edition, paired with a gold-infused Chateau d’Yquem reduction, handmade saffron and vanilla bitters and specially-engraved ice sprinkled with flakes of 24-carat gold, you’re guaranteed a pretty special drink.

Woodford Reserve Baccarat Edition is matured in select XO Cognac barrels that have seen three seasons of cognac before being filled with Woodford Reserve. The result is a spirit that balances crisp American and French oak notes, complex fruit character, subtle spiciness and a creamy confectionery finish.

The spirit is matched in the Gold Fashioned with Chateau d’Yquem, a wine from the Sauternes in Bordeaux, France, with a history dating back to 1593. Connoisseurs regard it as being the nectar of the gods and pay thousands of dollars to sip certain vintages.

They combine to create the ultimate Old Fashioned, a decadent tipple served in one of Australia’s best bars. While our sip of this indulgent cocktail wasn’t served in a hand-cut French crystal Baccarat tumbler, it was still an unforgettable moment.

Why the Old Fashioned is one of the world’s best-selling cocktails

Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week launches nationally from 5-14 November 2022. The event is an annual celebration of the world’s most classic cocktail.

According to Drinks International, the Old Fashioned was number two on its ‘The World’s Best-Selling Classic Cocktails 2022’ list.

“This cocktail has been around forever –  traced to 1833 by historian David Wondrich – and remains a timeless classic,” the website noted. “In its infancy it would have been made with genever, rum or brandy (whiskey wasn’t what it is now), but these days make it with bourbon (or rye), sugar, Angostura bitters and an orange twist.”

More than 200 bars across the country are participating in Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week this year.

Andy Tsai, Woodford Reserve brand ambassador said: “There are few cocktails more classic than the Old Fashioned – a drink that is well loved in Australia and around the world for its sweet undertones, bitter yet smooth flavour and versatility across sipping occasions.

“The Woodford Reserve Gold Fashioned offers cocktail connoisseurs the chance to experience the taste of luxury for themselves. And for those seeking a premium Old Fashioned experience with less of a price tag, we’re excited to offer something for everyone at Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week – whether Old Fashioned aficionado or first-time experimentalist.”

For more information about Woodford Reserve Old Fashioned Week, visit the website here.

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