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Hard FIZZ releases first NFT collaboration

The first batch of an NFT project by Hard Fizz alcoholic seltzer – Salty Pirate FIZZ Punch – has been canned on the Gold Coast.

Sydney-based NFT project Salty Pirate Crew commissioned Hard FIZZ to create a pirate-themed beverage that anyone – not
just NFT holders – could buy and consume.

It’s the first time in Australia an NFT project has commissioned an IRL (‘In Real Life’) drink from an alcohol brand, with the cans featuring actual characters on the label.

“This is really exciting,” said Salty Pirate Crew Founder Barrett Ovens.

“We love Hard FIZZ and its ability to see trends and implement ideas as fast as it does. Salty Pirate FIZZ Punch is a real game changer in the NFT world. Brands like Hard FIZZ, which are constantly innovating, are leading the adoption of
Web3 into the Australian mainstream.”

Salty Pirate FIZZ Punch follows a world-first vote by the NFT project to determine what the flavour would be; with Salty Pirate FIZZ Punch earning 74% of the vote over Fire Chili Margarita and Banana Colada.

Hard FIZZ Head of Marketing Joel Scott said: “I think this’ll be the norm in business going forward. Salty Pirate Crew came to us asking if we could produce a real life flavour for them to bring value to their project but we also saw it as an opportunity to expand our market. It’s great to finally see the drink in production.

“The feedback has been phenomenal – the Crew loves the flavour itself but for them, just to be able hold the can and feel it, it just adds to their experience.

“Other alcohol brands have had a crack at launching an NFT themselves, but this is the first time an Australian NFT project has specifically worked with one to release an IRL drink.”

A golden can has been ‘buried’ in every 10th carton of the beverage with the lucky finders rewarded with a “Metaverse Key” NFT, giving them exclusive access to special events and benefits within the Salty Pirate Crew world.

The project dropped its first collection of 3000 pirate-themed NFTs in February this year, selling out in just two hours.

It’s since launched a GEN2 Siren collection of female pirates. Notable investors in the project include electronic music producers What So Not and Dom Dolla, TV chef Hayden Quinn and DJ Tigerlily.

Among Hard FIZZ’s cohort of celebrity owners are Grammy nominated DJ Paul Fisher and his podcaster wife, Chloe, professional surfers Laura Enever and Nikki Van Dijk; as well as Quinn and Tigerlily.

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