Jacob’s Creek builds cold wall in Bondi

As the temperature heats up for summer, Jacob’s Creek Lively Bunch is cooling things down with the launch of Australia’s first ‘Cold Wall’.

Popping up in Bondi over the weekend, the Cold Wall invites passers-by to “touch and cool” while also promoting Jacob’s Creek Lively Bunch range.

Introduced to Aussie palates earlier this year, the first release was a bright and fruit-forward chilled Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir. Now Lively Bunch has added a Pinot Grigio to the range.

According to Young Gun of Wine, chilling red wine is no longer seen as the “height of unsophistication”.

“Today, not only is a quick chill seen as a sensible thing for any red that has broached the 20°C mark, but there is an ever-growing category of red wines that are substantially improved at half that temperature, or even colder,” it notes

“We have seen a great demand for lighter style wines, and particularly in the last year, lighter, chilled red options,” said Dan Swincer, Jacob’s Creek Chief Winemaker.

“Not all red wine is suitable to be chilled, but we have created one that is absolute magic. I would recommend drinking around the 12 to 15 degrees temperature, so about 30 minutes in the fridge should do it.”

The Jacob’s Creek Lively Bunch Cold Wall can be found throughout December and into the early new year on the corner of Gould Street and Curlewis Street, Bondi.

Jacob’s Creek Lively Bunch Pinot Noir and Pinot Grigio are available now for purchase exclusively at Coles Liquor stores nationwide for $25 AND $20 RRP respectively.

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