Australia’s biggest selling beers for 2022

Market research company IRI Australia has revealed the biggest selling beers at liquor retailers in 2022, with Great Northern coming first for the second year in a row, ahead of Carlton Dry in second place and XXXX in third.

Great Northern billion dollar brand

Coopers climbed from seventh spot in 2021 to the fourth spot in 2022, while VB fell one spot to fifth, Corona was steady at sixth and Tooheys jumped from ninth to seventh, followed by Hahn, Pure Blonde and Asahi.

“Overall, within beer, we have seen decline in the last year driven by poorer performance in the last quarter,” an IRI Australia analysis said.

“Great Northern has been a key standout, seeing solid value growth and growing above the category – driven by Super Crisp Lager 30 can pack.”

Great Northern became Australia’s first billion dollar alcohol brand in 2020 according to IRI Market Edge data.

At the time, IRI Liquor Consultant Lachlan Cameron noted: “It’s incredibly exciting for the Australian liquor industry for a locally born brand to break the billion dollar mark.

“It’s a testament to the team at CUB for identifying a clear gap in the market and then executing on building a brand that resonates strongly with so many Australians.

“At the heart of Great Northern’s success has been a distinctive brand position as well as its ability to tap into a number of important macro trends and consumer needs including: health and wellness, refreshment and value for money.”

Australia’s biggest selling beers 2022

  1. Great Northern Brewing Co
  2. Carlton Dry
  3. XXXX Gold
  4. Coopers
  5. Victoria Bitter
  6. Corona
  7. Tooheys
  8. Hahn
  9. Pure Blonde
  10. Asahi

Coopers was the only independent Australian brewery on the top 10 list.

Coopers Managing Director Dr Tim Cooper said: “The Australian beer market is highly competitive and dominated by large international players, so we’re delighted to see our local brews continuing to punch well above their weight.

“For us, this is a real vote of public confidence in our range of products and our time honoured commitment to brewing the best beer we can.”

Australia’s most popular on-premise drinks

New data has revealed the most popular drinks orders at Australian on-premise venues as we head into 2023.

At-table ordering solution me&u has pulled its drinks data from the last three months to reveal the trends among Australian consumers. 

Espresso Martinis are dominating as the most popular drinks orders when it comes to cocktail across the whole country. NSW is the only state sipping differently, with the Aperol Spritz being the most popular cocktail. 

As for the most popular drinks orders when it comes to beer, X The Balter XPA is the most popular pint on pour in Australia, with Carlton Draught coming out on top for Victoria, Felon’s Crisp Lager in Queensland, Swan Draught in Western Australia and Coopers Pale Ale in South Australia.

The me&u data also shows sales of spirits have been steadily increasing since September at the expense of wine sales.

“We’ve noticed that a lot of Australians are looking for more premium drinks after lockdown, where many got a taste for spirits at home and are now looking to treat themselves and indulge in the premium spirits of their choice when out,” me&u chief executive officer Katrina Barry said.

“There’s also now a lot of choice now when it comes to spirits with many brands experimenting and adding their own special twist on the spirit they’re producing.”

The top 5 cocktails in each Aussie state

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