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Hahn reveals new Ultra Low Carb beer

Lion has announced the national release of its new Hahn Ultra Low Carb beer, which has less than 1g of carbs per bottle and only 87 calories per serve.

Hahn Head R&D Brewer Graeme Gibson said: “With no compromise on the malty beer taste, the beer profile result is a perfect balance of flavour and easy drinking crispness, with ultra low carbs and a low bitterness. It’s made for those who want the rewarding taste of beer, but don’t want to blow out on carbs and calories.” 

Chris Allan, Head of Marketing – Core Beer of Lion Australia, said: “Listening to the desires of those who are trying to make mindful choices, Hahn has worked hard to develop its lowest carb lager to date without compromising on flavour. We know the market demand is extremely high for people seeking these types of products , so we’ve addressed this need with Hahn Ultra Low Carb.”

The demand for limited carbohydrate content in beers has been growing exponentially in recent years as an increasing amount of consumers grow conscious of moderating their consumption of carbs. 

“There’s so much room to play in the low carb category and we’re excited to continue innovating in this space,” said Allan.

“Hahn continues to keep great taste at the forefront of its products by listening to consumers and creating beers they enjoy.”

The Hahn Ultra Low Carb range joins the portfolio from the Hahn Brewery including Light, Low Carb, Mid Strength and Gluten Free.

Hahn Ultra Low Carb will be available to purchase in 330ml bottles in leading liquor stores across Australia. RRP starts from $55 per case and $19 per pack.

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