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ALM acquires Doss Blockos & Lick Pier

Australian Liquor Marketers (ALM) has announced the acquisition of successful Australian craft beer brands Doss Blockos and Lick Pier.

It marks ALM’s first beer brand acquisition for its exclusive and owned brand portfolio. ALM said the move aligned with its strategy to provide brands that offer independent retailers a “significant competitive advantage against the majors with superior quality, value, and margin products”.

Doss Blockos has a 12-year strong history and is known as a trailblazer brand for its approachable taste and irreverent personality, introducing non-mainstream beer brands to everyday consumers.

Released in 2011, Lick Pier was one of the first alcoholic ginger beers to capture the attention of Australia, building a legion of fans ever since. Alcoholic ginger beer is a booming category both locally and internationally, with the global ginger beer market size expected to reach $US6.7 billion by 2028, rising at a market growth of 6.9% CAGR.

General Manager of Exclusive & Owned Brands Murray Riemann said: “ALM is very proud to be new owner and distributor for Doss Blockos and Lick Pier, as we continue to build our portfolio with the shopper in mind, to ensure we remain relevant in an ever-changing liquor retail landscape.

“We are excited to welcome these stalwart brands into our portfolio as we continue to champion successful independents.”

ALM’s exclusive and owned portfolio offers a range of multi award-winning products across many categories, including renowned brands like True Illusion Prosecco, Two Truths, and Molly’s Irish Cream – With Lick Pier and Doss Blockos now joining ALM’s popular beer offering, following the recent launch of POETS Country Lager into the range.

“Doss Blockos and Lick Pier are truly a wonderful addition to our exciting portfolio. We look forward to watching the brands gain momentum by offering exceptional value across the entire value chain.”

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