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Mr Black & Starward Whisky collaborate

Two of Australia’s most innovative spirits brands – Mr Black and Starward – have collaborated to create a limited release just in time for Easter.

Cacao nibs from Tanzania have been infused in the signature Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, then blended with Starward’s Peated Finish Whisky.

Mr Black co-founder Tom Baker said: “Coffee and chocolate is an uncontroversial combination, but making them better than the sum of their parts is another challenge altogether. Cacao – when treated with respect – brings a wine-like character to the liqueur. Think fruity, dark chocolate with crispness and bite.

“Using a peated-finish whisky from Starward adds that richer, savoury and smoky dimension to the final brew. It’s superb.”

Cacao is incredibly complimentary to coffee, with similar flavour properties and processing. Coming from the cacao tree, cacao nibs are the result of seeds that have been harvested, fermented, dried and roasted, much like coffee beans. Cacao gets turned into chocolate bars every day but rarely does it find its way into a liqueur.

With this in mind, Mr Black Head of Coffee, Detlef Mohr, had the idea of infusing cacao into coffee liqueur.

“I experimented with cacao nibs to achieve a true dark chocolate taste that would compliment the Mr Black coffee roast,” he said.

“From here Starward’s Production Director, Sam, found us a whisky with the perfect smokiness and depth to compliment the bittersweet coffee and chocolate flavours. We are thrilled to be working with Starward on this release – two Aussie spirits brands with the same passion for quality.”

Starward Brand Ambassador Matty Follent said: “It’s delicious on the rocks or as a twist in a classic cocktail. The inclusion of Starward’s Peated Finish Whisky rounds out the mocha flavour with a slightly smoky foundation, making it indulgent without being overly sweet.

Mr Black Double Cacao, Whisky and Coffee Liqueur RRP $74.99 is available direct from, The Starward Distillery and and select Dan Murphys and independent liquor stores across the country.

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