Underground Spirits celebrates World Caramel Day

There’s a celebratory day for everything in our modern lives and Drinks Digest is more than a little bit excited to hear there’s even a World Caramel Day on April 5.

Canberra’s Underground Spirits Australia raising a glass to the occasion with its unique Vodka with Caramel spirit.

Underground Spirits is also holding an industry event at Sydney’s new luxury hotel, the Little National on Clarence Street, to celebrate expanding into the national drinks market.

Part of DOMA Group – one of the largest private hoteliers in the ACT – Little National’s new Sydney hotel is a key location in the brand’s expansion into NSW

The event will showcase the spirit to stockists, retailers, influencers and cocktail aficionados, with the distillery unveiling its Caramel Martini Espresso, which is now on tap at the Little National, and its new Limited Edition Coronation Gin for the King.

Underground Spirts Australia CEO Claudia Roughley said: “What better way to celebrate our expansion vision than with
our distinctive and delicious Vodka with Caramel this World Caramel Day. Imagine a smooth, premium vodka with the
sweetness of caramel – this spirit is a real indulgence. You can drink it neat, over ice or enjoy in a vodka martini to add a new
dimension to this cocktail classic that is now on tap at the Little National.

“Thanks to our sleek machine, we can consistently serve the perfect Underground Caramel Espresso Martini. It pours a perfectly cold, smooth and indulgent cocktail in seconds – no more waiting eons for a mixologist to do the job!”

After World Caramel Day you can also try Underground Spirits Australia’s Vodka with Caramel, visit this year’s Royal Easter Show, where you can sample Underground Spirits products in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome from 6-17 April 2023.

Underground Spirits Australia’s Distiller Stewart Dobson said: “Our Vodka with Caramel has been crafted to be distinct, delicious and indulgent. We use caramel that is made for us in Queensland and fold it thoroughly into the vodka to give it its smooth, sweet flavour – and none of this is lost in our Caramel Espresso Martini on tap, which effortlessly replicates the premium taste that is synonymous with all our Underground Spirits.”

For more info and cocktail recipes you can use to celebrate World Caramel Day at home, visit

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