Coronation cocktails fit for a King

From Brisbane to Buckingham; Sydney to Sandringham; Hobart to Hampton Court and Darwin to Dover – the preparations for Coronation Day are in full swing, with cocktails to match!

A martini is the number one beverage to have in hand , with the soon-to-be-King said to be partial to the tipple in the early evening. 

According to Tina Brown, author of “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor,” the King enjoys his favourite cocktail quite wet, comprised of equal portions of gin and dry vermouth.

Sometimes he even attends dinners with a pre-mixed martini carried by his protection officer, to ensure it has been prepared correctly. It is then given to the butler and served in his own glass. 

Dan Murphy’s has teamed up with Four Pillars Gin to help create a Coronation Martini suitable for any royal celebration, whether it be a street party or a lounge room event. 

Dan Murphy’s Cellar Manager Walter Henao Gonzalez said: “There’s a bit of debate over the history of the martini but it’s said to have originated from the ‘martinez – which included maraschino liqueur and orange bitters. It’s also quite an easy drink to make – you don’t need to be a fancy bartender to put it together.

“Over time, it has become a drink embraced by the elite and later embraced by the Queen. The glass, which a martini is served in, is also a sign of elegance. The drink is designed to be sipped so it makes you pay attention and be in the present.

“It has long stood the test of time – conceived in the past but designed to be consumed in the now.” 

The Four Pillars classic martini serve features its Olive Leaf Gin and when combined with the Australian-made Regal Rogue vermouth, Sicilian olives and a twist of lemon, makes for a delicious savoury martini.

But the Martini needn’t remain in rigidity, with its ability to warmly-welcome modern day twists.

Four Pillars Distiller Cameron Mackenzie said those wanting to add a dash of Australiana can use Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin to step away from the classic London-Dry style and garnish with orange.  

“Our Rare Dry Gin is a truly modern Australian gin that is classic and approachable and is lifted by its distinct Australian citrus flavours from the whole fresh oranges we use,” Mackenzie said.

“It is such a versatile product that can be used to create anything from a classic G&T, martini to a Tom Collins.

If you’re looking to challenge the palate on the day, retain your gin and vermouth and add Campari to create a classic negroni.

“I absolutely love a Negroni. You can swap in either Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin or mix it up with our Spiced Negroni Gin that has been made specifically to go in a Negroni cocktail. This will cut through the bitter and vermouth with botanicals including Tasmanian pepperberry leaf. 

“You can also pair this with Campari, a sweet red vermouth and orange for a world-class cocktail.”

Other tipples fit for a King

King Charles also counts whisky as one of his favourite drinks. Aside from selling his own Highgrove Organic Single Malt Scotch, he is apparently quite fond of a dram of Laphroaig 15-year-old Scotch, which is the only single malt ever awarded the Prince of Wales’s Royal warrant, back in 1994.

Buckingham Palace has also launched a Coronation Gin made with raspberries grown as Windsor castle to mark the event. The gin was described by the Royal Household as the “perfect accompaniment” to the Coronation.

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