The music that makes whiskey taste 10% better

A world-leading sensory academic from the University of Oxford has created a music track that is scientifically proven to enhance the flavour of whiskey.

University of Oxford’s Professor Charles Spence collaborated with award-winning String Musicians Australia to create the music track – The Sound of Bonded – for Jack Daniel’s Bonded whiskey.

The Australia-first tasting experience includes melodic piano, low-pitched cello and high tempo violin to enhance the whiskey’s caramel, oak and spice flavour notes.

Professor Spence’s research examines the connection between taste and sound with studies showing certain musical accompaniments can enhance different food and drink flavour notes by up to 10%. Spence applied his research to whiskey tasting, working with musicians to produce The Sound of Bonded track.

The Sound of Bonded was performed live at Sydney’s Hickson House during Sydney Whiskey Week, to celebrate the launch of this new innovation.

Professor Charles Spence said: “The Sound of Bonded is built on years of research exploring the surprising connection between sound and taste. The whiskey’s caramel, oak and spice flavour notes pair perfectly with melodic piano, low-pitch cello and high tempo violin. The research suggests that when you listen to the track while sipping Jack Daniel’s Bonded whiskey, the flavour notes will come to life in an even bolder, more enjoyable way.”

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey Master Distiller Chris Fletcher (pictured main) said: “We’re constantly looking for new ways to elevate the tasting experience of our whiskey. Jack Daniel’s and music have always had a special connection, and what a better way to bring the two together than with a tailored piece of music that’s proven to bring out the bold and exceptional flavour notes of Bonded.”

The music & whiskey at-home experience

Whiskey lovers can experience the enhancement of Jack Daniel’s Bonded flavours at home.

To get started the distiller suggests finding a quiet, calming place and pouring a 30ml glass of Jack Daniel’s Bonded.

There are three steps to take before commencing your tasting;

  1. Make sure you’re hydrated and drink plenty of water to refresh your palate
  2. Smell the drink each time, with a deep breath and your mouth open, taking in each of those
    notes you’re focusing on when listening to the track
  3. Before you start listening to each track, take a sip and really ‘chew’ on the whisky – washing it
    across your palate to prime your tastebuds.

Take a sip and focus on these three elements.

Caramel: As you hear the melodic piano tune; the high pitch and timbre of the keys evokes a sense of sweetness.

Oak: Listen to the deep, bombastic approach of the Cello as it plays long, low-pitched notes to
enhance the woodiness of the oak.

Spice: Finally, in order to boost the range of spices, hear the violin maintain a high tempo and pitch to replicate the sense of

Music and whiskey lovers can experience the soundtrack via the Jack Daniel’s website. Click here.

Drinks Digest put the soundtrack to the test at Hickson House and can confirm it does alter the flavour of the whiskey!

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