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The Aussie non-alc RTD that mimics the alcohol buzz

An Australian company has created a unique non-alc RTD called Noot that mimics the buzzy feeling of alcohol and it’s preparing to take the concept global.

One of the world’s leading ethnobotanists, Kerry Hughes, M.Sc, R.H, has worked with Sydney-based Saintly Beverage Co to create a range of non-alcoholic cocktails blended with nootropics that provide a cognitive boost.

The team behind Saintly, which turned Rekorderlig Cider into a global success story and helped build the billion-dollar-plus fruit cider category, believe Noot will spearhead a new beverage category pioneered in Australia. 

The non-alcoholic drinks market is growing substantially in Australia, with recent data showing a 72% annual retail growth last year (26 times higher than total retail liquor) and a retail market worth $152 million. The market is demanding drinks that contain no alcohol, but still appear ‘cool’ to their friends. Data shows that 35% of Aussies aged 18-44 hide from their mates that they’re not drinking alcohol or drinking lower-strength products.

“Every functional ingredient used to make Noot has a long tradition of use in foods and herbalism,” said Hughes.

“This product is not a ‘marketing spin’; rather it was designed to be felt—to be experiential—while also benefitting health. The premise of Noot is to provide a pleasurably relaxing experience, while also helping them to feel sociable, but not intoxicated.

“The herbal blend in Noot was formulated according to herbal principals to provide adaptogenic, nootropic and nervine qualities. These are herbal terms that mean they support healthy cognition, the nervous system, while also helping the body and mind adapt to stress, or in other words, to de-stress at the end of the day, relax and enjoy.

“The formula includes a high-quality green oat extract clinically-studied for supporting cognitive performance. Green oat preparations have been traditionally used for supporting poor concentration, fatigue, and irritable mood since medieval times.”

The Aussie team behind Noot formed the business after they sold the distribution rights of Rekorderlig Cider in the US, UK, and Australia and began to look for the next trend in drinks that they could explode, using their experience and established distribution networks.

Co-Founder Kieron Barton said: “Like Rekorderlig, our goal was to do something different, new and exciting and disrupt a category. We fell into no-alcohol during the pandemic when we were avoiding drinking, and all we could find were average-tasting alcohol-free drinks that were full of sugar and to be honest, were just a bit beige.  

“We wanted drinks that tasted better, were healthier, offered more purpose, and would give consumers trying to avoid or cut down on alcohol, a drink they would feel proud to be seen with.

“We knew that both the low and no-alcohol trend was on the rise here and overseas, and in the US, the Nootropic and Adaptogen wave was beginning to rise, and we thought, could you blend the two?

“Over six months, our team perfected the blends into incredible-tasting authentic cocktails that mimic the buzz of alcohol, and make you feel uplifted and relaxed, but without any of the adverse side effects. In addition, they are sugar-free, 10 calories, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and with all-natural flavours and colours.”  

The Australian market is significantly shifting towards no and low alcohol options, with 41% of the adult population now no/low buyers. 40% are substituting full-strength drinks on certain occasions, and 21% are switching between no/low and full-strength alcohol on the same occasion. On top of this, ready-to-drink non-alcoholic beverages are the fastest-growing sector, with a whopping 124% increase from 2020 to 2021. 

“The feedback has been incredible, from taste, look and importantly, the functional difference Noot has, and it genuinely reminds me of the early days of Rekorderlig,” Barton said.

“Noot offers a socially acceptable solution for consumers cutting down or cutting out alcohol completely. We are excited by the opportunity for Noot to pioneer a new category both here and overseas.”

Noot comes in three cocktail variants: Classic G&T, Negroni Spritz and Ginger Mule. All are zero alcohol and zero sugar and have a full cocktail taste at just 10 calories per serve.

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