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Husk releases Rare Blend Rum

Following from the success of the craft gin boom, the premiumisation of rum is underway in Australia. And leading the charge is one of Australia’s most iconic gin distillers, Husk, which has just released a Rare Blend Rum.

The Northern NSW distiller is famed for its unique Ink Dry Gin, with Butterfly Pea Flower petals giving the spirit a remarkable and lustrous inky blue hue. A similar focus on flavour profile has been given to its latest rum release.

Head Distiller at Husk Rum Quentin Brival said: “Australian producers are exploring new opportunities to unlock rum’s potential and that is creating new styles and flavour profiles not currently seen on the international market.

“As Australia’s only farm to bottle rum distillery, we make Husk Rum using fresh cane juice grown on our farm and have focussed on creating a flavour profile reflective of our local region, the Caldera Coast.”

A rising interest in artisanal and high-quality rum is due to a growing appreciation for unique flavour profiles with an influx of new brands into the domestic market.

In fact, there has been a 20% market growth in Australia with 48 brands offering 111 rum products currently available compared to just 21 brands with 38 products in 2012. The Australian rum market is currently worth over $600 million, with around 5.3% of Aussies (277,402) consuming rum at least once a month.

There has also been a greater global demand for craft and premium rum, which has seen a 16% increase over the last three years.

Paul Messenger, CEO and Founder of Husk Rum, said: “As rising consumer interest and the emergence of premium brands expand the category, modern perceptions of rum extend well beyond the traditional rum and coke. New styles and flavour profiles present opportunities to showcase the versatility of rum in high-end cocktails and new consumer trends elevating the category and educating consumers.”

Rum is part of Aussie history

Rum holds a unique and rich history in Australia since it arrived with the First Fleet in 1788. As well as two years of food rations, Governor Arthur Phillip also brought a four-year supply of rum!

However, as a British colony, Australian rum has been made in the British style for over 160 years, which has influenced the way Aussies think about the spirit.

The heavy and sweet notes of sticky toffee and vanilla from the dark aged rum made from molasses – known as English-style Rum, has been the style of choice in Australia since rum production begun in the late 1800s.

Husk Rum spent more than 10 years developing a new style of Australian spirit made from freshly crushed cane juice, a style of rum first developed in the French Caribbean islands more than a 100 years ago.

“Rare Blend is a made from two styles of rum,” said Brival. “The first is a seasonal 100% single estate cane juice rum, our signature style which is dry and adds complexity and depth to the final product. The second is a rum made from Tweed Valley cane honey, which is evaporated cane juice. Cane honey is sweet, rich, and pure which creates a very smooth and round rum with fruity and floral notes.”

The resulting blend uniquely reflects the Provenance, or terroir, of the Caldera Coast the strip of coastal land that straddles the Queensland/NSW border from Burleigh Heads to Byron Bay.

Available at good retailers and online, Husk’s Rare Blend Rum is a modern Australian rum designed to be consumed
neat, with ice, Indian tonic with a thick slice of orange, or in a rum Old Fashioned with triple sec, Angostura bitters and an orange zest.

To find out more about Husk Rum’s distinctive cane spirit and spiced rum, head to

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