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Coopers to release Australian Lager

Coopers Brewery has shared a sneak peek of its upcoming beer release, Coopers Australian Lager, which will soon be rolling out across the country in turquoise-coloured cans.

The release signifies a major push by Coopers into the highly popular lager category, which represents more than 80% of total domestic beer sales in Australia.

At the same time, almost half of Australian beer drinkers now consume both ales and lagers, a market trend that Coopers said it is meeting head on with its new Australian Lager release.

“This is shaping up to be one of our most exciting new beer releases,” Coopers Brewery General Manager Michael Shearer said.

“This will be our first lager featuring the iconic Coopers roundel and we’re getting behind its release in a big way.

“Australians love their lagers, and we wanted to create a modern Australian lager that is more flavoursome and contemporary compared with the traditional lagers in the market. We feel we’ve delivered on that with Coopers Australian Lager, and we’re confident drinkers will agree when they get their first taste.

“It’s been a few years in the making and we’ve come up with a great-tasting Australian lager which we’ve packaged in an eye-catching turquoise design that befits its refreshing and easy drinking appeal.”

While most people know Coopers for its ales and stouts, the Brewery also has a long history in lager dating from the late 1960s. Its existing lager range includes the low-carb Coopers Dry and Coopers Dry 3.5 as well as the low-alcohol Coopers Premium Light.

“We’ve decided to double down with the release of Australian Lager and bring a new premium, great-tasting beer to the market to meet drinker demand,” Shearer said.

“Coopers Australian Lager will be our flagship lager offering, rightfully taking its place among our permanent portfolio and featuring our iconic Coopers roundel.

“With 80% of beer volume sold in Australia being lager, we see this as a significant growth opportunity for Coopers and we’re not holding back in its promotion.”

Coopers Australian Lager will have an ABV of 4.2% and will be available in 375mL cans and 50L kegs from August 2023.

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