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Sierra Antiguo tequila launches in Australia

Sierra Antiguo has launched two new tequilas in Australia, featuring a fruity taste that’s been designed to create perfect Margaritas.

The range comprises two products – Sierra Antiguo Plata (RRP $82), a tequila with a fruity sweetness, citrus and clear agave notes, rounded off by a soft taste; and Sierra Antiguo Añejo (RRP $82), which has a warm, deep golden colour and a full-bodied yet mild taste with a flavour bouquet of vanilla, oranges, cloves and pepper and a fruity finish.

Sierra Tequila Global Advocacy & Education Manager Mario Kappes said: “We’re thrilled to expand the Sierra brand into the Australian market with the launch of Sierra Antiguo, our 100% agave range.

“Our biggest intention with our brand is to be able to provide all our tequila lovers with a 100% agave tequila with the best mixability for margaritas and other tequila drinks. 100% agave, 100% creatividad!  Many Australians have been fans of Sierra Silver Tequila for a long time, and now we’re upping the game with a more premium offering. We believe that the better the ingredients, the greater the indulgence – this range brings just that.”

Produced by a family-run distillery in Destilerías Sierra Unidas in the highlands of Guadalajara, the distillery’s sunny, low-rainfall climate means that the agaves grown for Sierra Antiguo are free of artificial fertilisers and industrial irrigation.

Using traditional distilling methods passed down from generations of master distillers, the agaves are harvested exclusively by the Jimadores by hand into copper pot stills. The result is a 100% agave tequila with a complex flavour profile, making it perfect for cocktails where agave notes stand out.

Sierra Antiguo is now available in leading independent retailers and will be available in Dan Murphy’s from July in 70 selected stores. To find out more visit

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