It’s official: Thursday is the new Friday for patrons

Thursday is the new Friday for Australians heading to their local watering holes according to data from hospitality tap, order and pay provider me&u.

The data from me&u reveals in-venue ordering sales on Thursdays present similar patterns as observed over the weekend, with a spike being recorded in the last 12 months as consumers treat themselves ahead of the weekend with a mid-week tipple.

Thursdays have seen a 6% uplift in share of orders nationally during 2023. NSW constantly shows the highest share of Thursday orders in the week, up around 13%. However, year on year, Victoria has shown the highest uptick in Thursday orders, jumping up by 13.65%.

“Thursdays are the new Fridays for Australians to enjoy a refreshing drink at their favourite local spots,” said me&u CEO Katrina Barry.

“Our data at me&u confirms the growing trend of mid-week drinks across the country.”

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“We have observed similar patterns in alcohol sales on Thursdays as we typically see over the weekend, indicating that consumers are treating themselves to a mid-week tipple ahead of the weekend.”

“With a recorded spike in afternoon sales and a notable preference for beer, it’s clear that Australians are embracing the concept of Thursday afternoons as an opportunity to unwind and socialise.

“This increase can also be largely attributed to a return to the office post COVID 19, Thursday afternoons have emerged as a perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with colleagues or friends after a productive week.

“The data points to a shifting drinking culture in Australia, with Thursdays becoming an important part of the social calendar. Cheers to the rise of mid-week drinks!”

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