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QT & Four Pillars create Gilded Chaos

QT Hotels and Four Pillars have partnered to create a new gin called Gilded Chaos, which is now pouring at QT bars and restaurants across Australia and New Zealand.

QT’s second iteration of chaos gin has been artfully crafted by Four Pillars’ co-founder and World Gin Icon Awards 2023’s Master Distiller of the Year, Cameron Mackenzie.

Gilded Chaos is a gin with lengthened aromatics and lifted weight and texture. Unique ingredients include vetiver, a rare plant bringing savoury and earthy notes, wild fennel, and citrus of lemon leaves.

“A couple of trials and taste tests with sage, vetiver and wild fennel led us to our new Gilded Chaos Gin, a fantastic blend that hits all the right notes,” said Cameron Mackenzie, Four Pillars co-founder.

“It was a true collaboration with the team at QT and we’re really proud to get this gin out into the world and into your Martini glass,”

Launching with Gilded Chaos Gin are two cocktails that evoke a sense of the Gilded Age – a time of great conflict between tradition and new systems.

The Gilded Chaos Luxe Martini is a freezer-door martini designed so that the drinker can make their martini completely theirs with a trio of garnish options. Lemon peel accentuates the citrus notes, lifting the martini freshness. Extra virgin olive oil is perfect for those seeking to boost body, mouthfeel and texture, whilst adding a savoury edge to the serve. Pastis, an anise-flavoured spirit and apéritif, amplifies the spice contrast of Gilded Chaos Gin and aromatises the serve and drinking experience.

The Gilded Gibson incorporates modern techniques with old fashioned style. Cocchi Vermouth di Torino Dry, with its intricate blend of herbs and spices, adds a deep sweetness to heighten the macadamia, hinoki wood and vetiver in Gilded Chaos. To add an extra layer of aromatics, kaffir lime leaf is nitro-flashed with cocktail onion brine to bring a brightness in the savoury notes of the onion itself.

“This is a bold gin that is comfortable being the hero. Gilded Chaos one of those rare gins in that can be savoured over ice or put to work in a bar. These cocktails are riffs on classics with a service ritual designed to tease out the textures and tastes of this delicious and truly unique Australian spirit,” said Chris Morrison, QT’s Director of Beverage.

Gilded Chaos Gin is also available to purchase by the bottle at QT at Home.

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