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Young Henrys releases limited edition SXSW Sydney beer

Young Henrys has released a limited edition SXSW Sydney 2023 version of its iconic Newtowner Pale Ale ahead of Australia’s biggest ever music, screen, and futurist conference and festival kicking off later this year.

The week-long event will see the tech and innovation, games, music and screen industries converge with culture for unexpected discoveries.

Young Henrys has reskinned the beer with a brand new design to mark its partnership with SXSW Sydney as the official music, beer, cider and ginger beer partner of the event.

More than one million limited-edition tinnies have just hit the shelves around the country.

“Young Henrys was born from this city and found its kin amongst the culture creators, artists, muso’s and hospitality lifers that make it great,” said Young Henrys co-founder, Oscar McMahon.

“We have always believed Sydney has the potential of a truly international city. Enter SXSW Sydney… an opportunity for our city, our industries, our people, and our ideas to be elevated to the ears, eyes and minds of an international audience, and an opportunity for a little brewery from Newtown to step forward and continue the conversation we have been having since our inception. 

“Putting the SXSW Sydney mark across the can of our flagship product symbolises quite well how we feel about it all; we believe in it, we are here to be a part of it and we want everyone else to feel the same.” 

SXSW Sydney 2023 Managing Director Colin Daniels said: “As an independent Australian brewer with a love of supporting creativity, community and music in its DNA, Young Henrys has always been top of our list as a partner for SXSW Sydney”, said Colin Daniels, SXSW Sydney Managing Director. “Everything about their approach feels both world-leading and uniquely ‘Sydney’ at the same time, and we can’t wait to welcome artists and innovators from around the world together this October.” 

The limited edition beer is available at bottle shops around the country, RRP $24.00/6 pack and $72/case.

Find out more about Young Henrys’ partnership here.

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