Tamdhu Whisky celebrates five years in Australia

Ian Macleod Distillers is celebrating the fifth anniversary of its Tamdhu Whisky range arriving in Australia, targeting whisky lovers seeking warm, rich flavours from their spirits.

The brand celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2022. The distillery was founded in 1897 on the banks of the River Spey, utilising water drawn from its own spring. A year later its first shipment of sherry casks arrived, a moment that defined the distillery’s approach to whisky making.

Its sherry cask maturation process has made the whisky famous. The spirit undergoes 100% Oloroso sherry cask oak maturation from beginning to end, achieving deep, rich flavour and colour.  

Tamdhu Global Brand Ambassador Gordon Dundas said: “It is the only distillery in all of Scotland to mature its whisky exclusively in the finest Oloroso sherry casks from beginning to end. From a consumer perspective, this means a different drinking experience as the richness of these casks deliver such a wonderful taste and mouthfeel.”

Dundas suggests Australian whisky lovers seeking to sample the brand start with Tamdhu 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky and Tamdhu 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Tamdhu 12 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been 100% matured in first fill and refill American and European oak Oloroso sherry casks from the cooperages and bodegas of Jerez, in Spain’s ‘sherry triangle’.

The result is a complex and rich single malt whisky that delivers a wealth of complexity, with flavours of cinnamon, dried fruit, banana and classic sherry oak depth with natural colour that is perfect for pairing with tapas, creamy cheeses and fruit desserts.

Tamdhu 15 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky is 100% fully matured in American and European Oloroso Sherry Oak casks. Bottled at 46% volume, with natural colour and un-chill filtered. This blend has tasting notes including the intense burst of vibrant summer fruits with a long finish, perfect for pairing with charcuterie, cheeses and dark chocolate. 

“By pouring a glass of Tamdhu, you’re not just experiencing a world-class whiskey – you’re drinking the culmination of over a century of dedication and expertise,” Dundas said.

“The legacy of those visionary entrepreneurs from 1897 lives on through every sip, delivering a taste that is both nostalgic and timeless. Whether you are a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning your whisky journey, a bottle of Tamdhu is sure to offer a memorable experience.” 

Australian whisky market matures

Due to the extremely rare and limited stock availability, Tamdhu finally made its way to Australia back in 2018. Dundas said that since then he’s seen the Australian market evolve exponentially.

“There is no doubt that the burgeoning domestic Australian whisky sector has had an impact on the overall trends and behaviors within the Australian market,” he said.

“It’s wonderful to see so many great small Australian distilleries producing great drams. As a result, I think the impact on Scotch has been very positive as more people want to explore the unparalleled history and the diversity that Scottish single malt can offer, unlike any other.”

As for the current trend for mixing whisky in cocktails, Dundas said: “If I was going to make a highball, I would use the Tamdhu Quercus Alba Distinction. This whisky is solely matured in American oak sherry casks and therefore showcases the lighter style of Tamdhu, perfect for a highball. Certainly the Tamdhu 15yo and 18yo are more of sipping whisky in my view, but that does not mean that you could not create wonderful cocktails with these whiskies.”

Tamdhu Whisky is available in Australia at Dan Murphy’s.

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