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WA’s Swan Gold beer makes a comeback

Iconic West Australian beer brand Swan is brewing its legendary Swan Gold again and the punters are loving it.

Due to countless customer requests over many years, the West Australian icon has made a comeback after almost two decades.

Swan Gold is a crisp, easy drinking, full flavoured Mid Strength lager that is being brewed at Little Creatures in Fremantle.

Lion’s WA Field Sales Director Danny Connolly said: “Swan is synonymous with West Australia, but for too long drinkers in WA have only been able to enjoy a pint of Swan Draught.

“Lion is proud to bring back this icon of West Australian brewing, almost 20 years after it disappeared from pubs.

“Currently stocked in over 120 venues across WA, Swan Gold is being rolled out in an additional 20 venues per week.

And so far, West Australian’s are embracing the old favourite.

“With over 30 thousand litres sold to date, Swan Gold is proving once again that West Australians love Swan beer in all its forms,” Connolly said.

“It’s great to be able to introduce a new generation of drinkers to this iconic West Australian beer. Our goal is to have Swan Gold pouring in over 200 venues in time for summer.”

Swan Gold is exclusively available in pubs across Western Australia.

Connolly told Perth Now that if demand remained strong, Lion would consider releasing the beer in its classic golden tins.

Why Lion is banking on classic beer

Lion marketing director Chris Allan told Drinks Digest earlier this month that Australians are increasingly shifting their attention to mainstream beer brands, with a rising number of consumers opting for classic beers in their search for “trustworthy brands that offer great taste at affordable prices”.

“This trend is evident in our own brands such as XXXX, and Tooheys, which have long been loved and ingrained in Aussie culture,” he said.

“On Tooheys alone, our data indicates an impressive over 50 million schooners have been sold at venues in the past year.”

The enthusiasm for classic beer has been gathering pace since the first pandemic lockdown of 2020, when retailers began reporting a swing away from craft beer towards mainstream brands.

Lion recently gave its Tooheys portfolio a packaging refresh and a new ad campaign to capitalise on the rising preference for classic beer.

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