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Hawke’s Brewing launches ‘half a standard drink’ XPA

After a three-year spell from releasing core range beers, Hawke’s Brewing Co. has a new NoLo XPA offering just in time for summer.

Hawke’s Brewing 1.75% Half XPA delivers ‘half a standard drink’ in a tin. Despite the reduced ABV, Hawke’s CEO Glen Brasington is confident that the Hawke’s brew team has nailed a full-flavoured XPA.

“We considered bringing a non-alc into our range but we’ve been able to deliver a much tastier beer at 1.75% ABV,” he said.

“While low alcohol beer isn’t anything new, the idea of being able to track consumption in ‘half standard drinks’ will be fertile ground for drinkers who are up for a real beer but, in this case, only half up for a drink.”

Hawke’s Half XPA was a double gold medal winner in the ‘Reduced Alcohol’ Category at the recent Indies Awards, and was the only sub-2.5% ABV beer awarded gold in a category dominated by beers with as much as twice the ABV.

Hawke’s Head Brewer Brodie French said: “Brewing low-alc beers can often result in liquids that lack the components of their session or higher strength counterparts.

“So to be in the top tier of a broad judging category is testament to the liquid and our brew team. I question whether the growth we’re seeing in the sub-2.5% category warrants a separation of ‘reduced alcohol’ and ‘session’ into their own trophy
categories but we’ll leave that to the Indies to determine for next year. We’re thrilled all the same.”

The initial rollout of Hawke’s Half XPA is underway in selected independent bottleshops, BWS and throughout all Dan Murphy’s stores in NSW and ACT.

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