Jack & Coke is Brown-Forman’s most successful launch EVER

Brown-Forman’s partnership with The Coca-Cola Company to distribute Jack & Coke RTDs globally is proving to be a sales winner for the two drinks companies.

Brown-Forman CEO Lawson Whiting told analysts this week that the Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola RTD launch had been the most successful launch in Brown-Forman history in the United States, having achieved the second highest level of off-premise distribution across the portfolio, only behind Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

“It’s got 2% share already, and it’s only been [in market for] three or four months,” Whiting said.

“So it’s off to a good start, and we feel pretty good about it. And I think the long-term potential is exciting and a lot of things that it does for the health of the brand, along with the actual business proposal itself.

“Overall, we’re pleased with the initial launch of this iconic product and believe our success is driven in part by the strong investment behind the launch including significant investments in broad-reach media, events and trade execution.

“We’re also excited by the brand visibility, the market share gains and the positive feedback from distributors, retailers and most importantly, consumers.

“I must say, you know you’re doing something right when consumers start wearing your spirit brands. And I just saw a picture of the first reported Jack & Coke RTD tattoo. The loyalty of our Jack Daniel’s fans is strong and impressive.

Jack & Coke has launched in the UK, Spain and Poland, with Germany added to the distribution list this month.

“Germany is a very large RTD market for Brown-Forman, so getting that right is obviously going to be very important, but that will be exciting to watch, and we’ll see how that goes,” Whiting said.

“Then Coca-Cola is taking it in a lot of other markets, places like Japan, the Philippines, Hungary, Netherlands, Ireland. So the international rollout continues throughout this fiscal year.”

While Whiting didn’t give specifics on when Jack & Coke would be launching in other markets, the Jack Daniel’s website has announced Jack & Coke is officially arriving in Australia in 2024.

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