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Volcan X.A tequila launches in Australia

Moët Hennessy launched its ultra-premium tequila Volcan X.A in Australia last night at a stunning mansion overlooking Sydney Harbour.

The spirit is an innovative blend of Reposado, Anejo and Extra-Anejo Tequilas. Volcan X.A is unique in that it is made from 100% blue agave with absolutely zero additives, making it the most superior of its class.

Volcan X.A has reinvented the ‘art of aging’ in the tequila world by its exclusive use of “Grace Casks”, a specific barrel of American oak that infuses the tequila with toasted and vanilla aromas.

Volcan X.A features a Reposado base that brings a level of sweetness and smoothness, and Añejo and Extra-Añejo, which add aromatic balance and complexity.

The launch event offered the opportunity to sip the complex spirit neat in Champagne flutes, in addition to sampling it in Margarita and Paloma serves. While Volcan X.A is designed to be served neat, it also makes an exceptional cocktail.

As the sun set over the perfect Sydney harbour vista, guests arrived at a private luxury home that has never been used before for an event to celebrate the launch of this prestige tequila.

Taking inspiration from the brand’s birthplace of Jalisco and its terroir, the private home was transformed into a volcanic musing of light and liquid – using textures and layers that are visible within the Volcan X.A bottle such as the volcanic animation of lava, the citrus, gold and black projections, along with the cement and rock textures.

Guests entered through a discrete keyhole shaped door to a live drummer bathed in volcanic red light where they enjoyed their first Volcan X.A of the night, chilled and served in a flute, with an elevated finger lime pearl & agave bump before ascending to the top floor to observe the sunset over the balcony.

According to the CEO of Volcan de mi Tierra Julien Morel there has been a significant increase in demand for premium tequila and he hopes to “delight existing and new Tequila aficionados” with Volcan X.A.

“After a successful introduction of our core products, Blanco and Cristalino, we are thrilled to launch Volcan X.A: a pure and ultimate expression of Volcan demi Tierra savoir-faire, created to be appreciated around the best tables of the world.”

Volcan X.A will be available in a selection of venues nationwide and exclusively from Kent Street Cellars from September 1.

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