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Ampersand launches first dark spirit RTD range

The creator of Vodka, Soda & – Ampersand Projects – has released its first dark spirit RTDs: Whisky & Soda Lime and Whisky & Dry Lime.

The RTDs feature locally distilled Australian whisky with soda flavours and a hint of lime and are low in sugar and calories.

Ampersand Projects launched its first flagship product, ‘Vodka, Soda &’, in 2018. It was the first vodka and soda ready to drink option in the Australian marketplace. The company’s portfolio has since expanded to include an impressive range of 38 products and counting. These offerings showcase a diverse array of flavours, spirits, alcohol strengths and packaging designs, catering to a wide spectrum of consumer preferences.

Ampersand Projects’ expansion into the whisky RTD sector signifies a new chapter in the brand’s journey. Each 330ml can has 6% alcohol content, replicating the authenticity of a bar serve experience. For those seeking a bolder experience, Ampersand Projects also offers 9% ABV versions of each flavour in 250ml cans. 

Ampersand Projects said: “This exciting expansion into the dark spirit RTD category marks Ampersand Projects’ continued dedication to creating unique experiences that cater to diverse palates.

“As the brand ventures into the realm of whisky-based RTDs, it remains true to its ethos of delivering innovative, flavorful, and high-quality beverages that leave a memorable mark on the Australian beverage scene.”

The new whisky RTD range is available at Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores across Australia. 

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