Chicken Salt Martini, anyone?

We’re in love with the new cocktail menu at Sydney rooftop venue Smoke Bar at Barangaroo House, which evokes nostalgia with unexpected flavours such as chicken salt and Hawaiian pizza.

The inspiration for the ‘Memory’ menu comes from moments such as enjoying chicken salt on fish and chips, eating oranges at halftime and smelling freshly cut grass.

Bar manager Jai Lyons said: “Memory is all about a fun and playful way to reminisce about things that are universally Australian and make every sip a trip down memory lane.

“As a team, we wanted to really push our creativity – all have an element of theatre when served and we’re making all syrups, vinegars, purees, infused spirits and wines, and liqueurs in-house using techniques including sous-vide, clarification, switching, force carbonation, and cold infusion.”  

  • Chicken Salt Martini is made with Four Pillars’ olive leaf gin and a house-made chicken salt sherry and rice syrup. It’s garnished with a deep-fried potato twill, Smoke’s modern take on the humble chip. 
  • Salt Kissed Sun is inspired by milkshakes with friends at the corner shop after a day at the beach. It’s a textured, creamy, coconut-ty, boozy clarified milk punch. Made using coconut-washed rum; house-made macadamia orgeat; banana and pineapple whey; and calvados.
  • Half Time Orange is a nod to sporting matches and comes served with an edible jello orange wedge. It’s made with Patron Reposado ‘switched’ with blood orange, sweet vermouth, carrot and tamarind-infused Campari.
  • Livin’ is Easy evokes the scent of freshly cut summer grass. It’s made with house-made mandarin vinegar; house-made karkalla (sea herb) and rose geranium cordial; Bombay Premier Cru gin; and Aperol. Force carbonated to add some bubbles, it’s served tableside with a spritz of cut grass scent and a plantable card. 
  • Save the Day echoes how we all felt when that ice cream truck tune came within earshot. Raspberry horchata (a creamy Mexican drink made by blending milk, rice, cinnamon, and raspberry); vanilla whey; vodka; and Saint Feliz aperitif are shaken and strained into a highball and topped with raspberry and vanilla foam. Then, add your choice of classic soft serve topping – 100s and 1000s or flake. 
  • Hawaiian or Margarita is made using house-made bacon-infused tequila; caramelised pineapple; Cointreau; roasted-tomato syrup; and lime. Served in a margarita glass with a dehydrated bacon rim and a shot of Coca-Cola on the side, it’s inspired by the team’s memories of Friday night takeaway pizza washed down with soft drink. 
  • Fruit Cup is a blended, boozy, fruit slushy inspired by the fruit cup snack. Peach three ways; cranberry; citrus; and cognac are blended then garnished with a roll-up style house-made fruit leather scroll. 
  • Pick Me is a whiskey sour-based cocktail that is anise flavoured and jet black thanks to vegetable carbon. Made with Monkey Shoulder whiskey; absinthe; green chartreuse, house-made black sesame, fennel and blackberry syrup; and egg white it’s then garnished with coloured jellybeans. 

Head to Smoke on September 5 to try the ‘Memory’ cocktail menu. You’ll find the bar on Level 2, Barangaroo House, 35 Barangaroo Avenue, Sydney.

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