New brand platform for Bottlemart & SipnSave

LMG has launched a new brand platform and accompanying campaign for its Bottlemart and SipnSave banners, titled ‘There’s more in store’.

Developed in partnership with The Idea Shed, its objective is to elevate brand awareness for Bottlemart and SipnSave and support LMG members to provide great experiences for their shoppers, such as more variety, more range, more expertise, more care and more promotions.

The campaign itself zooms in on relatable everyday micro-moments where expectations don’t quite meet reality: a dog’s indifference to its owner, a hardware store’s lack of assistance in times of need, or even a ‘jumbo’ prawn that falls way short of what was anticipated. Its message is designed to position Bottlemart and SipnSave as a remedy for life’s minor disappointments, beacons of consistency that never fail to deliver the kind of experience that can make a bad day so much better.

LMG Head of Marketing Ben Slocombe said: “We wanted to find a way to share our story with more people and support continued strong growth for Bottlemart and SipnSave in a way that was true to us and that shoppers would appreciate.

‘There’s more in store’ does exactly this by focusing not just on liquor retailing but on the exceptional experiences that are at the heart of what our members deliver to their shoppers. This new brand platform is an investment in taking our members’ performance to the next level. We couldn’t be more excited to see it roll out.”

Watch the campaign below:

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