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TWE releases sake-infused wines

TWE’s Treasury Premium Brands is tapping into Asian fusion culture with Sun Monkey – a sake-infused wine collection. 

The new wine brand has launched with a Shiraz Grenache and a white blend designed for sessionable occasions and they pair particularly well with Asian cuisine.

With 39% of Australian adults aged between 18-29 seeking out new types of alcoholic drinks, the next generation of drinkers are on the lookout for more varietals and different experiences to share with their friends.

Treasury Premium Brands’ Chief Marketing Officer Kjetil Undhjem said: “With so many different wines on the market it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd, so we are proud to introduce a world first, sake flavour infused wine to allow emerging wine consumers, or Millennials, an opportunity to enter the market without needing to know all the stuffy wine details, whilst also having a story to tell around the dinner table.”

Sun Monkey Winemaker, Iskra Varbanova said: “While offering a different approach in flavour with the inclusion of sake, the Sun Monkey wines still have strong credentials. Hailing from globally renowned wine regions in South Australia, the white blend is a fresh and fruity Aussie Chardonnay, Traminer and Riesling to challenge expected taste experiences, whilst the Shiraz Grenache brings a touch of bright and fruity flavours, all infused with sake flavour.”

The Sun Monkey brand was initially inspired by a Chinese icon of freedom – the Monkey King – who is a mythical bad boy ‘born from stone, acquiring supernatural powers to break free from the rules and constraints society had placed on him.

This sentiment was used to inspire the tastes in Sun Monkey, breaking free from wine traditions, and allowing space for self-expression that wasn’t conforming to standards expected by wine drinkers. In addition, a touch of the rebellious nature comes alive in the energy of the label design with famous Chinese Tattoo Artist and Illustrator JAX adding his magic touch.

“Our Millennial generation are living in a crowded society, much like our wine, and have a deep desire for freedom and variety so we wanted to ensure that we didn’t hide behind age old jargon, and instead, bring to light a new bold taste profile through Sun Monkey,” said Undhjem.

Both the Sun Monkey sake-infused wines – Shiraz Grenache 750ml (RRP $25) and White Blend 750ml (RRP $25) – will be rolling into Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores nationally from October onwards.

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