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Son of a Nun beer range launches

Australian Beer Company (ABCo) has launched a ‘Better for You’ range of beers called Son of A Nun.

ABCo is Australia’s second-largest independent brewery and is part of Casella Family Brands. The launch of Son of A Nun is its first foray into the non-alcoholic space.

The Son of A Nun range includes two contemporary beers: a zero-alcohol beer or a low-carb beer, which are brewed in country NSW.

“We know that consumers are more conscious of what they drink, and we believe that our new range of beers will provide them with a refreshing and contemporary option that they can feel good about enjoying,” said ABCo brewer Greg Short.

“Whether you are looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic option or a low-carb, low-sugar beer, our ‘Son of A Nun’ range has something for everyone” said ABCo Marketing Manager Sian Ryan.

“We are proud to be an Australian, independent brewer bring more considered beverage options to the market for our fellow Aussies,” said Ryan. “We are excited for this launch and are especially proud of our low carb brew and how it stacks up verses its competitors at less than 0.3g of carbs per serve.”

Available at selected independent retailers nationally. The Low Carb 6 pack retails for $22, and Zero Alcohol 4 pack for $11.

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