Australia’s best winery

Oakridge Wines has taken out the coveted number one spot of best winery in the Halliday Wine Companion ‘Top 100 Wineries of 2023’ list.

The Halliday Wine Companion Top 100 Wineries is a celebration of the best Australian producers of right now. 

“This is a list of producers who know, in their heart and in their head, that consumers don’t owe them a living. Who are prepared to stake their reputation on every single wine they release,” said chief editor Campbell Mattinson.

The aim of the list is to introduce consumers to the nation’s leading producers and allow them to savour a wide array of exceptional wines. 

Paragon Wine Estates (part of Endeavour Group) announced the acquisition of Oakridge Wines in March 2021. Oakridge was named 2023 Winery of the Year in The Real Review Top Wineries of Australia following a year-long tasting of more than 10,000 wines.

“We are beyond thrilled to see Oakridge Wines take out the number one spot in the highly anticipated inaugural Halliday Wine Companion ‘Top 100 Wineries of 2023’ list,” said Endeavour Group.

“A new addition to the Halliday awards calendar, the annual Top 100 list features producers who, in their unwavering pursuit of quality, are prepared to stake their reputation on every single wine they release.

“While Oakridge Wines has enjoyed a longstanding reputation as a master of chardonnay, in the eyes of chief editor, Campbell Mattinson, Oakridge Wines expertise now transcends this single variety.

Oakridge Wines

Chief Winemaker David Bicknell said the award was part of a team effort.

“It’s a super result for the whole team and validates what they do, as they all play their part in making this place work,” he said.

“Whether it’s managing one of the farms, working in the winery, serving customers or cooking in the kitchen. I just have the privilege of managing such a dedicated and determined group who always try their hardest, giving it a red hot go.”

South Australian winery Yangarra came a close second with its selection of ‘revolutionary’ wines.

Victoria led the vote with 42 wineries included in the Top 100 Wineries. There were also 28 South Australian wineries, 13 wineries in Western Australia, nine in Tasmania and eight in NSW.

Australia’s top 10 wineries

According to Halliday Wine Companion ‘Top 100 Wineries of 2023’ list these are the best of the best.

  1. Oakridge Wines
  2. Yangarra Estate Vineyard
  3. Mount Pleasant
  4. Giant Steps
  5. By Farr
  6. Grosset
  7. Cullen Wines
  8. Tyrrell’s Wines
  9. Bindi Wines
  10. Mount Mary

See the full list here.

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