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New Waubs Harbour release supports Great Southern Reef

A new whisky release by maritime distillery Waubs Harbour is raised awareness of the fight to protect and preserve Tasmania’s oceans.

Waubs Harbour teamed up with Great Southern Reef Foundation (GSRF), Environment Tasmania, Surfrider Australia and Sea Forest on the project.

Waubs Harbour’s new Limited Release Great Southern Reef is a maritime single malt whisky, matured in ex-Apera Sherry casks and finished in 40 year old Tawny Port casks from Murray Street in Barossa Valley, in support of the GSRF.

The ‘Great Southern Reef’ is the lesser known interconnected system of reefs stretching around the southern Australian coastline and around Tasmania. The GSRF are working towards greater awareness of the reef and advocacy for the long-term health of Australia’s kelp forests through education and community. 

“The malt’s a lovely salted caramel backbone that is enhanced by the Apera stewed fruits,” said Head Distiller Rob Polmear.

“The tawny finish bring a complexity and depth to the whisky that only aged fortified can provide.  Lower in ABV to be more approachable this spirit balanced sweetness from the sultana fruits with a citrus orange.  The nose is complex and evolving, the palate has a balance and the finish lingers.”

As part of the release, this weekend the distillery will host the screening of two short films, followed by a Q&A with intended guests Senator Peter Whish-Wilson, former Olympic swimmer Shane Gould, Scott Bennett from GSRF & marine scientist and conservationist Ally King. The two short films, ‘Reviving Giants’ by the GSRF and ‘Southern Blast’ by Surfrider Foundation Australia, tell the story of Tassie’s incredible ocean environment and the fight to protect it.

“The ocean means everything to me. I’ve always lived on the ocean, I fish it, I dive it, I explore it in the boat, I surf it,” Polmear said.

“I literally have my tinny tied up outside the distillery and most mornings before work I’m out in it. I remember about 15 years ago actually diving around Tasmania amongst the giant kelp forests and even in my time I’ve seen the demise of them due to climate change. These days it’s pretty much all gone. In Bicheno back in the day, you talk to the local fishermen and they’d basically tie up their boats to the kelp forests right outside the distillery in the gulch. That’s why I love the GSRF who are all about protecting this critical resource and I think it’s something we all need to get on board with.”

A limited release of 591 bottles is available at selected venues around Australia, for visitors to their distillery and in limited numbers online. For more information, visit

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