Casella acquires Ampersand Projects

The Australian Beer Co (ABCo) has acquired Ampersand Projects for an undisclosed sum as it advances its ambitions in the Spirits & RTD categories.

A subsidiary of Casella Family Brands, famously recognised for its global success of [yellow tail] wine, ABCo already produces a range of beer, cider, seltzer and RTD brands.

Casella Family Brands Managing Director John Casella said: “This is an exciting acquisition for Australian Beer Company as we continue to build our offering in the spirits and RTD categories. I look forward to the founders joining our business to continue the great success they have enjoyed to date.”

Ampersand Projects was founded in 2018 by Marcus Kellett, Shaun Rankins and Alex Bottomley. The RTD/spirit start-up is best known as the creator of Vodka Soda &. The company has established a distinctive market position and sold over 15 million cans since inception.

“I see this acquisition as more than just a business deal; it is a relationship that brings together the strengths of two independent companies with similar ideologies to continue to innovate the spirit industry,” Casella said.

“With both companies valuing trust, integrity and respect, this acquisition will see unparalleled synergies and continued growth.

Co-founder of Vodka Soda & (Ampersand Projects) Shaun Rankins said: “Utilising Casella Family Brands legacy and time-tested expertise – this new relationship will maintain and deepen our customer and supplier relationships remaining a proudly Independent Australian business.”

Ampersand releases new RTD

Ampersand’s newest RTD product is a Vodka & Espresso Martini. Featuring vodka with a cold drip coffee, it’s been created to be chilled in the fridge, given a gentle shake for the perfect crema and then served in a martini glass or enjoyed straight from the can. 

Each 200ml can has 7% alcohol content and retails for $29 for a 4-pack. Available at BWS and Dan Murphy’s.

Son of a Nun beer range launches

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