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Juicy new XXXX release

XXXX has announced the expansion of its Summer Bright Lager range, with the launch of a new limited-edition flavour, Raspberry Lemonade.

The new flavour release comes after XXXX asked Queenslanders to share their voices online and at the Ekka and Mount Isa Mines Rodeo, where lucky attendees could try three different beer flavours.

After much frothy deliberation, Raspberry Lemonade was the flavour Queenslanders loved the most. 

The Summer Bright Raspberry Lemonade is an easy drinking lager offering a blend of raspberry and lemon with a slighIt’s the same great taste of Summer Bright Lager with a dash of lush fruit, low in bitterness, malt and body.

Lion Australia Head of Marketing, Core Beer Chris Allan said: “We’re pumped to introduce our specially brewed Raspberry Lemonade to the XXXX Summer Bright Lager range. We knew Queenslanders had awesome taste, and we’re excited about their pick for the brand’s limited-edition summer flavour.”

The Raspberry Lemonade Summer Bright Lager has an ABV of 4% and will be available to purchase in 330ml bottles with a limited-time offer from November in leading BWS and Dan Murphys across Queensland. RRP starts from AUD $52 per case and AUD $21 per pack.

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