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Hardys Wines launches money-back guarantee

Hardys Wines has unveiled a new Money Back Guarantee promotion as part of its global rebrand and consumer campaign titled ‘Certainty’.

The promotion runs from October 1 until November 30, 2020 and is available across the entire bottled range including Hardys latest vintage wines; HRB Clare Valley/Tasmania Riesling 2020, Tintara McLaren Vale Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2018, Tintara McLaren Vale Shiraz 2017 and Eileen Hardys Shiraz 2016.

New packaging for the Hardys Wines range arrived in Australia’s liquor stores in April, with the campaign designed to delivers consumers 100% certainty in their wine choice.

Any consumer who purchases a participating Hardys bottled wine during the promotional period and is not satisfied can head to hardysmoneyback.com and claim their money back when they provide their receipt and explain in 15 words why they weren’t happy with their purchased Hardys wine.

With more than 18 million bottles sold annually, Hardys Wines is the nation’s second biggest red and white bottled brand in volume and fourth biggest in value.

The Hardys Certainty campaign was inspired by the journey of Thomas Hardy who in 1853, against a backdrop of global uncertainty, launched a wine brand with an audacious goal – to craft wines ‘revered around the world’ and to be ‘enjoyed and understood by all’.

Hardys Senior Winemaker Nic Bowen said: “Like all my predecessors, I have always strived to produce wines that uphold Thomas Hardys dedication to the craft. Hardys today is built on Thomas’ unrelenting quest for quality and winemaking passion, and I am privileged to follow in his footsteps. It is fantastic to see the winery’s rich stories, heritage and awards come to life with this year’s new vintage wines.”

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