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Four-carry schooner glasses launch in Australia

One of the biggest problems facing punters when shouting their mates a beer – how to carry all the schooner glasses back to the table – has been solved.

Hospitality group Merivale has partnered with brewer Lion and marketing company Ogilvy, to produce four-carry ‘Super Schooners’. They look like one huge glass, but actually pull apart into wedge-shaped glass.

The Super Schooners are currently being served at the Vic on the Park in Marrickville, Sydney. They’re filled with four serves of Furphy or Byron Bay Ale for $28.

If the four-carry schooner glasses are successful, they will be made available at other Merivale venues.

So far, the invention has received a mixed response on Facebook.

“If you can’t carry four schooners you are not an Aussie,” one person commented.

“If you can’t carry four beers you shouldn’t be allowed to drink them,” another said.

On the other hand, one person wrote: “This is genius! How did it take so long for someone to create this?!”

Another said: “Finally science being used for something useful.” went even further in its praise: “We hereby declare the Nobel Peace Prize for 2021 to be called immediately. There is no topping this genius invention of a glass that includes two straight edges split between a curved outside rim that allows four beers to be carried together easily.”

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