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VB’s hoax Volley sneakers become a reality

Two of Australia’s oldest and most iconic brands have come together to create special edition Volley sneakers emblazoned with the VB logo.

The idea for the Volley sneakers originated as an April Fool’s joke on social media when Volley announced the ‘Ultimate Shoey’. When the hoax went viral, VB and Volley were blown away with the response and wanted to bring the sneaker to life.

The VB x Volley sneaker is made on Volley’s Heritage High silhouette, which is a reiteration from the Volley High Leap from 1982 and features durable ribbed canvas upper, custom metal eyelets and is 100% animal free. The sneaker uses the original Volley rubber sole design and pays homage to the founder of VB, with Thomas Aitken’s signature featuring on the side of the shoe.

Volley has come a long way from its tennis origins, first stepping onto the scene in 1939 when the sneaker was worn by world-class tennis players. Now, the brand is a favourite amongst trendsetters, worn by some of Australia’s most well-known faces, such as Miranda Kerr and Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

Victoria Bitter’s Marketing Director, Hayden Turner said: “We are excited to be working with an iconic brand in Australia like Volley. When we first saw Volley’s April Fool’s Day hoax, it sparked some thinking in our office. When we saw the popularity of the post, we felt this was a good opportunity to offer something different to our drinkers. We hope they love it as much as we do.” 

Exclusively available online at www.volley.com.au and www.victoriabitter.com.au, from Wednesday 2 December. The VB X Volley will set you back, $84.99, where pairs which come in a limited edition insulated cooler box retail for $94.99. VB X Volley socks are also available for $14.99. 

The VB Volley follows VB’s first fragrance, ‘Thirst. A scent by VB’, becoming the fastest selling fragrance ever in Australia following its launch in August.

Chemist Warehouse confirmed the EDT sold more than 25,000 units in 72 hours. 

We eagerly await sneaker sales figures.

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