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XXXX DRY launches nationally

XXXX DRY has launched nationally this month, in what is tipped by Lion to be Australia’s biggest beer launch of the year.

XXXX DRY was the biggest beer launch in 2020, despite only being available in Queensland and the Northern Territory, and in its first 12 months it contributed over $12 million in retail sales value to the category.

XXXX Brand Director Chris Allan said its success speaks to trust in the XXXX trademark.

“XXXX DRY represents everything that is great about XXXX and its easy drinking liquid makes it a beer made for today’s drinkers,” Allan said.

“This is the full-strength national brand from XXXX that we’ve all been excited about. Off the back of our total XXXX trademark refresh, we can’t wait to see drinkers across the nation enjoying it this summer as we return to all the great activities we have missed over recent months.”

The national launch of XXXX DRY is supported by a brand new ad campaign across TV, out of home, radio, and digital. There is a full calendar of activity planned to help drive sales and trial in both the on-premise and off-premise for its first 12 months in market.

XXXX DRY is an easy drinking, full-strength lager (4.2% ABV), and low carb. It has has an RRP of $45 for a case, and $17 for a six-pack.

XXXX DRY sales defy lockdown challenges

Despite being launched just two days before COVID-19 lockdowns in March 2020, XXXX brand director Amy Darvill told Brews News the beer was tracking at more than double its original volume target.


“It has been incredibly warmly received by Queenslanders, so we’ve sold over 100,000 cartons of XXXX Dry since we launched a few months ago,” she said in September 2020.

“We’ve had the highest trial rate of any beer NPD [new product development] in the last three years in Queensland.

“We know that we’ve achieved the highest prompted awareness in the last five years at that three month mark, so over 35% of Queenslanders are now aware of this product, which is the highest out of any new product over the last five years in that particular state.”

It was attracting new and younger drinkers to the 140-year-old beer, which Darvill said was strategically important to Lion as XXXX battles Great Northern for supremacy in Queensland.

XXXX throws its weight behind 2032 Brisbane Olympic Games

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