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Coffee icons unite to launch ITALO DISCO liqueur

Mr Black Roasters & Distillers has joined forces with Aussie coffee icons ST. ALi to launch Mr Black ITALO DISCO Coffee Liqueur. 

Taking inspiration from traditional Italian espresso, and the ST ALi variation that bears the ITALO DISCO name, this special edition is a limited edition tipple for connoisseurs.

If it wasn’t for Italian migrants bringing espresso to Australian shores some 80 years ago, there is little chance Aussie coffee culture would be as revered as it is today. Aussies have maintained a thirst for robust espresso and after seeing ST. ALi’s ITALO DISCO blend surge in popularity, founder Salvatore Malatesta was keen to collaborate on a namesake liqueur.

“This has become our most popular coffee to enjoy at home, with fans loving the layered flavour and European expression,” he said. “That’s translated beautifully to this sweet dark liqueur which I can see myself enjoying at sundown to a soundtrack of syrupy synths. Bellissimo.”

The history wasn’t lost on Mr Black Founder Tom Baker, who took inspiration from the modern interpretation by ST. ALi.

“Our last releases have been nuanced, intricate stuff for coffee nerds,” he said. “This is not that. This is a celebration of the original pioneers of coffee in Australia: a big, brash, bitter-sweet Italian-dark-roast. This is a coffee liqueur for proper coffee drinkers. Intense with a long finish, with big notes of caramel, dark spice, cacao and anise.”

The ST ALi-supplied blend made the job easy for Mr Black’s Dr Detlef Mohr: “We’ve pushed the typical roast profile to the darker side, which gives this product robust dark chocolate notes and a nutty bitter-sweet finish.”

The Mr Black & ST. ALi ITALO DISCO collaboration is priced at RRP $70 for a 700ml bottle Visit or to find out more.

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