Boop & AVC get Melbourne dating again

A new dating app called Boop is launching exclusively to Melburnians as they come out of the world’s longest lockdown and it’s partnering with Melbourne’s most popular bars, restaurants and venues to do it.

Boop and the Australian Venue Co are offering incentives for matched couples to get out of the house, off their phone and back into the city’s once thriving hospitality scene. All Melbourne-based hospitality venues will have the opportunity to partner with the app, with AVC one of the first to be a part of the initiative. 

Boop’s entire monetisation strategy relies on participants successfully matching on the platform and then going on a date at a participating venue to receive a discount on drinks or a meal. The venue partnerships mean the app is 100% free for users.

Founder and CEO Rowan Castan said: “We just don’t believe people should have to pay for love. One of the main complaints we hear about other apps is their cost – post-pandemic, it’s more important than ever to connect with people – and venues – which is why all our features are accessible to all users. Because if you like someone, you shouldn’t have to pay to tell them.

“We’ve partnered with venues across Melbourne to give our users access to a curated list of some of the best dating experiences our great city has to offer – from cocktails overlooking the Yarra, to rooftop cheese boards and hidden bars that are just quintessentially Melbourne. Users match with like-minded individuals and are prompted to create a ‘date’ through the process, reducing logistical barriers and helping Melbourne’s singletons get past that awkward stage between ‘chatting’ and ‘ready to date’. Best of all, our partners are offering fantastic discounts on drinks and dining – so you can justify that extra round if you’re really vibing.”

The partnerships support the many local businesses whom have struggled and are working to get back on their feet in the aftermath of multiple lockdowns.

“We’ve seen huge demand from our customers to come back to the pub and to socialise in person,” says Tim Masseni, spokesperson for Australia Venue Co. “Boop is a natural fit for our pubs, bars and venues, because we share the same values of bringing people together for in-person socialising.”

Boop is encouraging singles to sign up now to familiarise themselves with the platform – ready for its official launch early November 2021.

Sign up for early access at

Boop is launching on the Apple Store and Play Store in November 2021. 

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