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Iconic Bundy brands unite to create Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Two iconic Australian brands – Bundaberg Distilling Company and Bundaberg Ginger Beer – are joining forces to launch a new Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Ginger beer is booming in Australia. Last year, IRI revealed it was seeing good results coming out of the segment, with more than 80% growth posted in the last two years.

The explosion of the segment comes at the same time as hard seltzer sales surge, with both among the fastest-growing alcoholic drink sub-categories in Australia.

“The alcoholic ginger beer category at the moment is growing really quickly and it’s actually become almost twice the size of seltzers in a really short period of time,” Bundaberg Distilling Company Marketing & Experience Manager Duncan Littler told The Australian.

“It’s a fantastic collaboration and personally, I think it tastes delicious, especially on a hot sunny afternoon out here in the great state of Queensland.”

Keeping true to the ethos of both brands, the drink has been crafted by locals for locals with real ingredients. It’s brewed in Bundaberg over three days, using locally grown fresh ginger and freshly cut white Queensland cane spirit.

Bundaberg Alcoholic Ginger Beer

Littler (above, right) said: “We are so excited about working with Bundaberg Ginger Beer to bring their delicious, market leading non-alcoholic ginger beer to a new category. We know the category is growing rapidly and nobody is better placed than two local Aussie icons to introduce a product made by locals for locals with real ingredients to more Aussies.”

Bundaberg Ginger Beer CEO John McLean (above, right) added: “We have a long history of sharing drinks with our great mates at Bundaberg Distilling Company, so we are thrilled to be collaborating with them on creating an alcoholic version. Aussies have been asking for this for a long time. We believe our 53-year history of brewing Australia’s favourite ginger beer, using locally sourced ingredients, paired with Bundaberg Distilling Company’s 133-years of distilling is a match made in flavour heaven.”

It’s available to purchase nationally in independent bottle shops starting in early November 2021 and will be available nationwide in all leading liquor stores early in 2022. It comes as a 4 x 375ml can pack, 4% ABV, RRP $21.99.

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