Sneak peek: Pirate Life Perth opens next week

Pirate Life is finally opening the doors to its brewpub in Perth CBD on October 28, turning on the taps just in time for summer.

Stickman Tribe, founded by Perth-born Marcos Cain, has overseen the design of the new venue with S&J and Pirate LifeIt’s been a tumultuous journey for the project as it navigated the issues created by a global pandemic.

“The Pirate Life team are pumped to be partnering with Andy and the Sneakers & Jeans crew for the opening of Pirate Life Perth,” said Pirate Life co-founder Michael ‘MC’Cameron.

Pirate Life founders ‘MC’ Cameron, Jack Cameron, and Jared Proudfoot were originally from Perth, however took the project to Adelaide five years ago or ease of distribution – having since grown the brand into a national phenomenon.

“It’s been a long time in the making, but Red, Jack and myself feel immensely privileged to be returning to Perth to open a brewery in such an amazing location–right in the heart of the city.”

Perth-bred Sneakers & Jeans has delivered some of Perth’s most iconic hospitality venues, such as Varnish on King, The Flour Factory and Hadiqa.

Pirate Life was acquired by Carlton & United Breweries in 2017. General Manager of CUB’s Fire + Earth Ventures David Stingl said: “Now Perth beer lovers can enjoy the Pirate Life with beer brewed on-site in the CBD, with the great food and events the team are well-known for at their Adelaide brewery. We’re incredibly proud of what Pirate Life and Sneakers & Jeans have achieved with the Brew Pub. By going back to their Perth roots, we think the Pirate Life team have created something very special.”

The brewpub has already created 40 new jobs in Perth, with more to come during phase two of its opening later this year.

“A phased opening wasn’t what we wanted, but our hand was forced due to COVID,” said Freeman. “It’s been quite the journey since we announced the brewery in September 2019 – little did we know a global pandemic was just round the corner, which has turned our beloved industry on its head.”

A killer team will be running Pirate Life Perth. Opening the venue will be Simon Wallen as GM, Jackson Purser as Head Brewer, Charlie Vargas as Head Chef, Yvonne Bluemi overseeing Front of House and Keegan Hartslief managing the beer and drinks program.

“This venue isn’t just about beer, it’s about good people and great hospitality,” said MC. “It’s about lifestyle, employment and helping to regenerate the westend of the city. It’s about celebrating all things that make our fantastic industry great. We couldn’t be prouder.”

Spread over multiple floors at the old Sony Centre building (440 Murray Street),Pirate Life Perth includes in-house brewery, two private dining rooms and exclusive merchandise. Four key brands will make up the space collectively; the Pirate Life Perth brewery and restaurant TOMA – with two more identities to follow in the venues’ second phase opening: a yard area and a basement venue.

“It’s easy to forget that just over 12 months ago we had our doors closed – busy building Perth’s biggest brewpub behind the scenes, not knowing if we were ever going to see it open. It was an uncertain time to say the least,” said MC.

“I’ve taken a lot of risks and gambles in my career – but opening a multi-million-dollar brewery during a pandemic is by far my biggest. We simply couldn’t wait any longer. We promised Perth a brewery – and a brewery is what they’ll get… and then some.”

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