New opportunities for Australian wine in Ukraine

Angove Family Winemakers has received its first order from the Ukraine in what they hope will be a burgeoning new export opportunity for their organic wine and McLaren Vale ranges.

Joint Managing Director of Angove Family Winemakers, Richard Angove said: “This first order will further strengthen our position as a producer of fine wine from McLaren Vale and Australia’s leading Certified Organic winery.”

“We were on the cusp of some great sales for our organic wine range in China when the excessive tariffs came into force and stopped them. This made us look at all other market opportunities, including those where we hadn’t previously been selling wine and deemed a “non-traditional” market for Australian wine.

In the 12 months to September 30, Wine Australia reports that markets in Europe are showing good growth for local winemakers. Two noteworthy markets showing good growth in the past 12 months are Denmark, up 5% to $40 million, and Norway, up 23% to $9 million. As for less traditional wine markets, Russia has grown by 47% in the past year, overtaking Norway in value, and Poland has grown by 36%.

There is also a growing market for organic wine, with 976 million bottles of organic wine are forecasted to be consumed around the world in 2023 (up 23% from 2018).

Angove now exports to over 30 different countries. The company has a strong growth target for the Angove Organic brand, based on domestic growth and export trade focusing on the US, UK, Canada, and New Zealand markets as well as “non-traditional” markets for Australian wine.

As the world reopens and green shoots are emerging, Australian winemakers are racing to uncork new non-traditional markets. China’s decision to add excessive tariffs to Australian wines earlier this year have fuelled and forced winemakers to pivot and look at other market opportunities, including those deemed “non-traditional”.

“Ukraine’s wine trade has been hit very hard by lockdowns, severely impacting the on-premise and specialty retail sectors,” Angove (above) said. “But, as the world reopens, green shoots are emerging. Therefore, beginning a strong relationship with a high quality importer that has successfully targeted large retail has created the opportunity to establish a substantial sales base on launch and has well positioned us for the on-trade as it starts to reopen.”

Ukrainian cuisine has a significant place in Ukrainian culture, lifestyle and customs. Angove said the generously flavoured, deep flavours of traditional Ukraine foods such as borscht, soups, meats and rich vegetables harmoniously blend to the richness of the Angove Certified Organic Wines.

The Angove Certified Organic range includes Angove Organic, the newly released Naturalis range,  Warboys Vineyard and Wild Olive. Additionally, they also craft Blind Tiger Organic Gin in the family-owned St Agnes Distillery.

Angove wins 13 organic wine medals

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