Ryan Reynolds’ pub visit with Wrexham fans

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney paid a lightning visit to Wales last week to watch their first live Wrexham AFC game since becoming co-owners of the team.

And they celebrated by drinking shots of Aviation gin at the local pub with punters. The actors met with club supporters at The Turf pub, which is nextdoor to the Wrexham stadium.

“Last night we were at The Turf, probably had a few more drinks than we should have,” Reynolds admitted the next day.

And here’s the proof …

McElhenney added: “I was expecting to drink but I wasn’t expecting to do multiple shots of gin, which is exactly what we did. They just kept lining them up, shot after shot.”

Reynolds’ gin brand Aviation is a sponsor of the Wrexham team.

Reynolds said he was surprised by how emotionally invested his friends and family are in Wrexham, describing it as “something incredibly contagious”.

The pair watched Wrexham draw 1-1 draw with Torquay on Saturday.

Reynolds and McElhenney walked out onto the ground prior to the game to a raucous reception from the home crowd. They also posed for a slew of photos with fans.

The pair also posed with legendary former player and coach Joey Jones (pictured main), who is now its Youth Team Ambassador. Jones made his Wrexham debut aged 17 in 1973.

After 98 appearances in North Wales, Jones moved to Liverpool in 1975 and won the European Cup twice before moving back to Wrexham in 1978 for £210,000 – a record fee that still stands today. Jones was integral to Wrexham’s team in the Second Division – the highest the Club have ever been.

Reynolds and McElhenney are they are dreaming big when it comes to beating that record.

“We’d be lying if the dream wasn’t the Premier League. We want to get back in the Football League and continue our way upwards,” said McElhenney.

Reynolds raved about how exciting it was to watch a match live, noting on social media: “Football is a staggering, heartbreaking, soul-killing, evil and gorgeous game that’s so goddamn beautiful and I’m never sleeping again.

“Last night Rob and I were walking around the Racecourse Ground without a single soul in here. I can honestly say it was one of the most magical awe-inspiring things I have seen in my entire life. Until right now.

“The tradition, the legacy, the history of not only this community but this club is not lost on us. We hold it incredibly dear. Thank you for opening your hearts to us these last few days. It means the absolute world to us and we’re so grateful.”

One eagle-eyed fan even saw Reynolds bending over when he walked on the pitch and placing something in his pocket. Reynolds confirmed he’d kept some grass from the game as a keepsake, sharing a picture on social media.

The actors are currently filming a documentary series about the club’s journey, called Welcome to Wrexham.

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