Doshii & RCA join forces to help hospitality industry recover

Technology platform Doshii and the Restaurant & Catering Association (RCA) have announced a new partnership to
support hospitality’s road to recovery.

Doshii eliminates double-handling and mistakes caused by managing orders across different tables and devices by connecting hospitality apps directly to a venue’s POS. Doshii will soon be compatible with the POS systems of well over 75% of Australian hospitality venues.

The partnership will see the hospitality fintech company join forces with the Australian hospitality sector’s peak body to help their members simplify the way they do business. This includes discounted access to Doshii’s products for RCA members.

CEO of Doshii Justin O’Donnell (above) said: “Partnering with the RCA is very much part of our strategy to provide the most benefit to our customers. It’s been a tough two years for hospitality and we believe we have a responsibility to help out wherever we can.”

CEO of the Restaurant and Catering Association Wes Lambert (above) said: “Doshii’s platform will help hospitality venues become more streamlined, efficient and will eliminate many of the administration burdens that operators face on a day-to-day basis. We are proud to have Doshii partner with RCA to give the best possible deal for our members”

Earlier this year, Doshii announced it was waiving monthly subscription and order fees for all existing and new customers until the end of the year in a bid to provide as much support to the industry as possible.

“We want to help venues focus on getting back on their feet and doing what they do best, without worrying about getting another bill,” O’Donnell said.

Why technology is key to recovery

O’Donnell said the latest technology is vital to help venues during current staff shortages, as it enables them to serve more customers without needing more staff – allowing them to focus on the customer connection in leaner times.

“Take the increasing popularity of in-venue ordering as an example – customers can now get a live menu on their phones, order and pay without leaving their table,” he explained. “Better yet, venue operators can instantly mark products as sold out. And the majority of these apps still ensure tipping and upselling are occurring. Doshii’s app marketplace extends beyond that, venues can connect a variety of apps to bring efficiencies to their back-of-house too, like in reservations and rostering.”

Recent data shows that while there has been a huge uptake of ordering apps by Australians, many people still enjoy human interaction with staff. O’Donnell said the role of the Doshii technology is to make electronic interactions more efficient and seamless, so staff spend less time re-keying orders into their POS and more time with the customers themselves.

O’Donnell believes arming venues with the latest technology remains the best way for hospitality to recover from lockdowns and border restrictions.

“Venues are increasingly turning to technology to help them do more with less,” he said. “Hospitality will embrace technology in a way that it hasn’t previously. Using tech to simplify business operations means that staff can focus on what they do best and the customer experience, which is paramount.”

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