ABA appoints new executive team 

Alcohol Beverages Australia has elected a new Executive Committee, with Spirits & Cocktails Australia CEO Greg Holland announced as the new Chair.

The team was elected at the ABA Annual General Meeting, held on November 30 in Sydney.

Tony Battaglene, CEO of Australian Grape & Wine, was named as Deputy Chair; and John Preston, CEO of Brewers Association, has been re-elected to the role of Treasurer following his filling of the casual vacancy in 2020.

A new role has also been added to the Executive, with Michael Waters, CEO of Retail Drinks Australia, officially appointed as the General Committee Member. The ABA said the appointment follows the recent revision of its constitution, which was altered to better reflect the organisation’s conduct of business.

ABA CEO Andrew Wilsmore (above) welcomed the new Executive and thanked outgoing Chair Bryan Fry, who completed two terms, for his contribution over the last four years and his ability to deliver agreement among the membership on highly contentious matters facing the industry.

ABA also extended sincere appreciation to outgoing Executive Committee member, Giuseppe Minissale from Australian Liquor Marketers who has devoted over six years to the ABA. Minissale helped establish the first ABA Executive and has previously served as Chair and Deputy Chair.

Fry said: “Our industry is a great industry, we have a lot to be proud of. It has been an enormous privilege to have Chaired the association over a period of four years, and I wish to thank all ABA members who have provided valuable support particularly in developing our 2030 Vision, which for the first time quantified our economic, social and environmental contributions to Australia.”

Holland added: “Our industry has a bright future, supporting the livelihoods of close to 500,000 Australians, and driving $52 billion in economic activity.

“Our award-winning products enhance life’s special moments and bring people together. As a pan-industry body, we acknowledge that Australians are drinking more responsibly than ever and should be rewarded by the trust of Government to allow this positive trend to continue.

“I take my responsibility as Chair of the ABA seriously, particularly as the alcohol industry assists the tourism and hospitality sectors’ recovery from COVID. I look forward to collaborating across all parts of our supply chain to advance our industry’s interests.”

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