The state that pops the most corks at Christmas

Coles has revealed the Aussie state that tops the list for most extravagant Christmas food and beverage purchases.

The retailer’s conducted its biggest ever pre-Christmas survey to find out what Australians like to devour during festive season, quizzed 7500 shoppers.

The data revealed that NSW shoppers snap up the most WA Rock Lobsters, indulging in more than three times the volume than their home state of Western Australia. And what do they wash all the delicious shellfish down with? Sparking and Champagne, of course, ensuring the state tops the charts for bubbles consumption too.

NSW also trumps the list for the most Christmas crackers and wrapping paper purchased at Coles, and shoppers from NSW also enjoy cherries and mangoes atop their pavlova the most – eating the equivalent of 12 semitrailers of cherries at Christmas time, which is five times more than SA, followed by Queensland and Victoria.

Customers from NSW tend to consume the most volume of puddings, pavlovas and fruit mince pies overall
– almost 1 million more packets than Tasmania.

However on a per capita basis, customers in South Australia and Tasmania eat more of the popular desserts than customers in any other state, munching their way through twice as many serves of pav, pudding and pie as NSW customers do at Christmas time.

When it comes to eating the most ham – the centrepiece at every Christmas lunch or dinner – Queenslanders tuck into more Christmas hams from Coles than customers from any other state, almost triple that of Victorians per capita and double New South Wales customers per capita.

The Sunshine State also tops the list for eating the most prawns, and cracking open the most ice-cold beers, but comes in third to NSW and Victoria for sweet treats like puddings, pavs and fruit mince pies.

While data shows that per capita, Aussies love their cherries almost equally across each state, Queenslanders on the other hand go mad for mangoes, eating almost twice as many as Tasmanians and West Australians per capita.

Coles Chief Executive of Commercial and Express Greg Davis said after a challenging few months for many Australians, celebrating together over a delicious feast is the joy we have all been waiting for this Christmas.

“While we may be divided in our food preferences depending on where we live, the one thing we’re all united over is our desire to be together this Christmas, with our recent survey 1 showing that 60% of Aussies want to be together, and food is at the centre of the celebration,” said Davis.

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