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Staple releases higher ABV seltzer

Following the successful release of Staple’s first two “better-for-you” pre-mixes, the Clovelly-based drinks start-up has crafted a new seltzer that is stiffer than your standard bevy. 

Staple released Vodka Soda Lime and Gin Soda Cucumber in cans last year and held a glamorous launch on Sydney harbour aboard the luxury yacht Major Tom.

Staple Drinks

Staple XL is a 500ml, three-standard drink mix featuring Staple’s two flagship flavours of real, whole, puréed limes and cucumbers. Crafted with Australian botanical gin (featuring juniper, coriander, lemon peel, cardamom and more) and soda water, Staple is the only RTD brand to use real fruit puree, amplifying the flavour of hand-crafted drinks by heroing real fruit.

Co-Founder George Tyler, said: “Feedback from our in-store tastings and store managers identified a gap for a higher ABV seltzer that was still light on calories and low in sugar.”

“Although alcohol volume is high, taste was super important so we packed the can with real fruit so it’s big on flavour but only 45 calories per 100ml”, added Staple Co-Founder David Snow.

Packaged in a fully recyclable 500ml aluminium can, the stripped back design follows the unisex and minimalist branding synonymous with Staple.

“We took inspiration from the craft beer market and wanted to create a single serve drink that would complement our flagship drinks”, said Co-Founder Matt Poole.

While it can be sipped straight from the can, the Staple XL Lime Cucumber Seltzer is also made to be shared, by simply being poured into two glasses and dressed up with fresh fruit. 

Grab your new Staple now from or at selected independent stores across NSW.

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