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Boxtails launches world-first tetra packs

A spin-off selection of Boxtails single-serve tetra packs has been released, following the huge success of the of low-calorie cask cocktail range.

Mandatory Spirits Co – formally known as Basic Babe – is behind the world-first tetra pack cocktails, which are 99% sugar-free and made from real fruit juice and spirits. 

The single-serve tetra packs will be available in Mai Tai, Passionfruit Martini and Pink Gin Daiquiri flavours.

Boxtails took Australia by storm when they were launched last year, selling a mammoth 10,000 units in their first five days of being on shelves and running out of their three-month supply in just over a month.

Mandatory Spirit Co. Co-Founder Mark Collins said: Boxtails started flying off the shelves when we launched, social media was going wild, people couldn’t stop talking about them. We couldn’t be happier with our new single-serve tetra packs and are so excited for our customers to enjoy them along with our new flavours this summer.”

New 2L flavours for Boxtails

Mandatory Spirit Co also recently three new flavours for its signature 2L cask range – an orange and pineapple Mai Thai, raspberry and lemon Fruit Tingle and a lime and mint Mojito. 

The new Boxtails flavours come packaged in a 100% recyclable box, with colourful illustrations of the tasty flavour notes of each cocktail.

“The cask design is paving the way to be an Aussie cult classic – sorry goon, but there’s a new sheriff in town,” said Collins.

The single-serve Boxtails will be available to purchase from Amazon for RRP $24.95 a six pack and the 2L Boxtails are available to purchase from BWS and Dan Murphys and retail for $29.99 or two for $50.

Basic Babe launches Boxtails range

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